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San andreas 8.1 crash. referred from modding forum


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hey all i was told to come here and ask for help. I have a pretty heavily modded gta sa that ive had on.a usb drive for about 8-9 years. Ive been able.to put the game on no less than 5 different pcs with every os from xp to vista, till now. I have a brand new acer touchscreen notebook with 8.1 and the game will play beautifully and then just crash to the desktop out of nowhere. i cant even get to a save point so i always have to start at the beginning. the crashes happen anywhere doing anything from driving a car to walking down sidewalk. The game will also only succesfully load about 40% of the time. it will load totally, then just stay on bblack. but other times it loads fine. i havent installed any new mods since 2012, and i havent had this issue on any other system, ive done everything i can think of and everything ive been able to find on google. I have it currently in xp mode with admin priv and on.the DEP list. If i could say there is anything that ties the crashes together is it happens most when in a car and the gears are shifting, the sound goes in a loop sometimes and the video stops and then crash, but not all the time. i can never make.it more than 10 mins..,any suggestions?

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Just some more info.. I also have a clean unmodded copy in .iso form on same usb and a clean installation with zero mods makes no difference

my specs are

intel core i3-4030U cpu @190Ghz

4 gb installed ram

64 bit os. x64 based processor

full windows touch support


I even went so far as to refresh my pc, so literally the only thing on it is a gta san andreas folder. I dont know what else i can do to make this game work

ive spent countless hours tweaking mods over the years to make sure they are all compatible with one another, and i just want to play them on a new pc. i can still run the game perfectly on my ancient emachine desktop, that makes a noise like a motorboat when its running, so i dont think its the game or mods, but thats why im asking help. And yes, all my drivers are current. I have an intel graphics card and realtek sound

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lil weasel

Big problem there.

You are not running the game from the DVD?

You loaded it to a USB stick?

That is Piracy. We do not help pirated games on this forum.

Load the game properly with your DVD running in the Drive as required and you should have no porlm.

Install with Admin Privileges.

If you have a gta_sa.set file, delete it.

Run with *compatibility mode* XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Use Win98 if you have mouse problems.


Also do not use mods, this part of the Forum does not assist modded games, only the vanilla game.


Do not double post if you must add/change/delete data use the EDIT feature.

Edited by lil weasel
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