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GTA 5 graphics Issue


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Hey guys!


I am playing GTA 5 on my Dell Inspiron 15 5547 (Intel core i5-4210U; 8GB RAM; 2 GB AMD Radeon R7 M260; Win 8.1).


I have the latest driver updated for GTA 5 from AMD.



When I run the game below 8x MSAA, there are these weird textures around buildings, trees etc. Much like huge pixels. However, when I increase the MSAA to 8x, the game slows down rapidly and accessing settings also becomes painful. Although, this solves the graphic issues.


Can anyone help me?



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Yep, AA isn't very good on GTA V (we can see real and nice differences only from MSAA x8 or x16 ... unbelievable...).

For users like me (nvidia GTX 700 series cards), with only FXAA, MSAA and TXAA choices for the AA, only MSAA x8 (high minima) allow to have a good render without all these pixels (or weird edges) in background on the trees, buildings etc... compared to MSAA x2 for example... (But it's worst at night, because it's also affect the objetcs in foreground with the lights), but MSAA is very greedy (as usual).

And your rigs isn't able to handle (to 60FPS) the MSAA x8 or more (without big performance and FPS loss).

Your rig is good, but with mobile technology. The "R7 M260" is far behind the "R7 260", just the names are simil(i)ar (same thing @nvidia).


2 choices for me (with my config: i7 4770k, GTX 780 OC, 8Gb Ram & HDD):

- Use MSAA x8 (at least) to have a good render without Aliasing => a lot of performance loss but better quality (30-40 FPS with a 2 years old PC on medium/high.... or 40-50 before the last patch in high/ultra).
- Use FXAA (in game or from the nvidia panel) + TXAA (by the nvidia panel without MSAA or MSAA x2 max) + 4K DSR from the nvidia panel & resolution in game (=4k resolution but downscaled in 1080p monitor: Allows to have a acceptable quality, with pixels and egdes more "slim") => Good quality, and average performance depending where we are on the map (40-65FPS in medium/high, or 55-80 FPS before the last patch in High/Ultra).


With your PC, you must to use the FXAA with maybe MSAA x4 max.

You'll have some good performances, but unfortunately, Edges and pixels will be there, everywhere.


I don't know for AMD users if you have the same possibility, but for nvidia users, we can set the FXAA, MSAA and TXAA (and others settings) within the nvidia panel directly (before to launch the game) and the results/renders is better than the settings in game.


But to answer to your question: No, there isn't solution for your/this problem (lot of people, including myself, are waiting for a good patch.....). If you can play with MSAA x8 then stay with this settings but you can't (like most of people, including myself) have better AA. Or you can try with MSAA x8 or x16 (but it's very greedy) and then to decrease your resolution (erf...) or to decrease your settings in medium or low/medium but the quality will be very .... low (lol).





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  • 1 month later...

I also had the same problem.. After 3 days of tweaking everything in the settings, I found the solution for this. In the pause menu, go to Settings -> Display and turn off Radar. BOOM! The jaggy, pixelated edges are completely gone even if both FXAA and MSAA are turned off.


But you have to pause everytime you wanna look at the map. That's the best we can do right now to get rid off the jaggy edges around trees, buildings and distant objects. Let's hope rockstar releases a patch soon to fix this without turning off the radar.

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