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Tips for "Exercising the Truth" on PC?


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What up everybody? I have a question regarding the Exercising The Truth Epsilon mission, you know, the one where you run around the desert like a maniac. On consoles it's pretty easy, since you can use a rubber banb on the controller to make Michael move on his own. Any tips on how to do something similar on a keyboard?

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Put a weigh on the W key?

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let your hopes and dreams turn into burning fire!

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Well yeah, but then he will only move forward, so eventually he will block on something or leave the desert area. Also, putting weight on W and A or D to make him do circles doesn't seem to work, he only moves forward. So I dunno, don't really feel like running around for half an hour.

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u gotta do wat u gotta do


do it for ur country


u expect us to be a hero and find a solution for u, but nah g nah


we wont be the hero u expect us to be, cuz we aint heroes

Edited by cdgl
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Wise words brother-brother. I guess I wasn't ready to accept the incredible truth, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Kifflom.

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just run for about 2 or 3 miles and walk the rest. stay in the sandy shores desert area. you can go to the grand senora area but take a wrong turn and you have start from scratch. you can walk from the hillsb city all the way to the yellow jack in. walking at night is a tense experience because there are mountain lions roaming near the hilled area. you can go to stores or go play darts and it wont kill the mile counter. you'll need a joystick for the rubber band trick but the walking and running seeems quicker to me.

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When you find the answer you will discover that you know nothing. Are you the answer to your own question brother-brother ? Kifflom.

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Using the fast run option on the native trainer should help you do it quicker, you can't leave the game unattended of course.

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You know nothing, then you know everything, you are ready my brother brother. Kifflom.

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Just do the mission... really a rubberband on the controller? That's such a waste of time and effort (just like the mission itself).


If you want the 100%.. then earn it. What's the point in getting the 100% gratification if you didn't earn it?

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I did that mission without any cheat on PS3 and PC. Just run. In 10 minutes more or less, you got it.

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use an xbox 360 controller and you are golden (wired)

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Did it on Xbox using that rubberband trick, now I did it myself on PC... Boy, I did not know what I've been missing. Running around the desert gives you so much time to think about life and stuff. Now I can finally be at 47 thousand different places at once. Thanks, Cris Formage!

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I did it manually,


Took around 20 minutes if I remember correctly


The funny thing is, when I was like 500 metres (around 1 minute 10 seconds) from the finish, I was careless and left the area, and the counter reset itself, and I had to do it all over again


I was like FUUUUUUCK :D

Edited by Bonaldo
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