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Max number of gears?


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K...I'm editing the handling.meta file at the moment(for trucks). Does anyone know the maximum amount of gears GTA V(PC) handles? Thanks.

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Did you even try to test it? Not sure why you'd want more than 6 gears unless you're trying to do something with a big rig and have 12+ gears or something lol. But all these questions people have, you all are more than capable of finding the solution on your own. If you know what the handling.meta is, you know how to edit it, TEST IT! People aren't going to do your work for you. This thread really needs a lot of these redundant posts removed, too much clutter on info that (I'm sorry but really..) can be found on your own. How hard is it to change the gear to above 5, then test, put 6, car have 6 gears? It worked! Put 7, car have 7 gears? It worked! It didn't have 7 gears? Wow, it didn't work. Boom, that just happened.


" give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

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@H3RB4LS, lol man your response says a lot about your comprehension skills. I didn't ask for a lecture, I asked if anyone had a simple answer which could have been as simple as a number. For example: 12, 13, or 15 etc. You dragged it all out through the mud, and tried to be all intellectual, and yet you still never even answered my question?? Do you even realize how foolish you just made yourself look??


Lay off the estrogen pills bud.


Btw...if you reply to this you're ghay



Edited by VizCount
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