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(xbox 360 only) Recruiting for my crew ''krook city ballas &#3

Og vikk

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recruiting for my gta v crew i just made on xbox 360 called krook city ballas must play free aim and have mic if interested pm or hmu on xbox my gt is kilotray vikk http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/krook_city_ballas_ there will be rukes in the crew 1. No Balla on Balla beef. This means no crew killing and/or arguments. RESPECT EACH OTHER. If there is a dispute that cant be settled, messaging an OG and a 1v1 will be set up to squash the beef. If the beef continues one last 1v1 will be held, if that doesnt settle it the member not willing to drop it when told by an OG will be disciplined/kicked depending on the situation.

2. Must look the part by wearing purple clothing to indicate your affiliation with KCBG. (No suits or fruity outifts) IF YOU ARE CAUGHT WEARING OPP COLOURS YOU WILL BE DISICPLINED. Wear that purple with pride.

3. Must set KCBG as ur active crew and be in no other crews UNLESS you have been given the Ambassador or Recruiter Role or have been directly authorized by The Leader. (see roles for more)

4. NEVER ask for promotions. They are earned, not given.

5. New members will start as KCBG Associates and are placed on probation for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 2 weeks before being jumped in for initiation into KCBG. Jump ins usually happen at meets but can happen when the squads deep and at least 1 OG is present. ( New members will fight 3 rounds 1v3 )

6. ALL orders from superiors must be followed at all times

7. Never bring the police into the hood, unless there is a war or shootouts. ( ESPECIALLY AT MEETS )

8. No member lower than LYB unless given clearance by an OG is to attend official business. ( Meets with other crews, setting up alliances etc )

9. All members profiles must be visable and Gamertag linked. Failure to do so will result in being kicked. Thers too many snakes out here.

10. All members must have some type of skill whether its shooting, driving. Emblem Making, Leadership, Recruitment etc

11. KCBG Members will regularly train new members. If there is no improvement of a new members certain skill in 2-3 weeks they will be kicked. We dont expect miracles just progression.

12. TDM Training will be run daily, All members must be able to hold there own.

13. All members are encouraged to download a Smartphone App called LINE and join KCBG Group Chat. We use that to keep connected and to keep buisness off social club.


15. All new members (Kilo Associates) upon entry to KCBG must post there Gamertag on the social club crew wall and introduce yourself.

Failure to follow ANY of these rules WILL result in:
- Demotion
- Kicked from crew
- Greenlighted
- Blacklisted from joining other Balla Sets

16. all people looking to join should not try applying if they have new accounts. it raises suspicions and you will probably be refused entry to the set. this is only a safty precausion and if you are a genuine person wanting to join we can talk and work around it

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