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[V|WIP] Realistic Topspeed Mod


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This Mod aims to provide the real Topspeed of the cars in GTA V.
Additionally, Acceleration - 4x4 Distribution - Number of Gears - Weight- and Clutch Speed was tweaked to the Description of the ingame Internet or to the Real Life Counterparts of the Cars.

Name RLCP (Real Life Counter Part)

Adder ( RLCP: Bugatti Veyron 16.4)

Topspeed: 402 Km/h - 250 mp/h
0-100 Km/h (0-62 mph) : around 2,9 sec.
7 gear Dual-Clutch Transmission
Better 4wd Distribution , original Weight

Cheetah (GTA Spano):

Topspeed ~ 330 Km/h (205 mph)
Power: 800 HP
better Braking

Entity (Koenigsegg Agera)
Topspeed: 440 Km/h - (273 mp/h)
Weight: 1330 Kg -
and other improvements

Infernus (Lamborghini Murcielago)

1665 Kg Topspeed: 330 Km/h
Better 4wd Distribution
Faster Gearchanges, but still slower than Double-Clutch

Vacca (Lamborghini Gallardo/Aventador)

Better Handling, 4wd Distribution
700 Hp
Fast "Independent Shift Rod" Transmission
High Reving Motor
350 Km/h (217mph)

Turismo R ( Ferrari Laferrari)

Zentorno (Lamborghini Veneno)

Version 2:

Carbonizzare ( Ferrari California T):
316 km/h (196mph), 3,6 sec for 0-100 km/h , high Initial Drive Force for great Wheelspin

Elegy RH8 (Nissan GT-R):

317 Km/h (197 mph) , 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) : 2,7 sec.
4wd adjustment to represent Real Life "Rocket launch"
Double-Clutch Gearbox

Jester (Acura NSX Concept):

290 Km/h (180 mph), 4,5 sec for 0-100 km/h (0-62mph)
9 Gears, Hybrid with 4wd. Fast Clutch.

Kuruma / Kuruma Armored (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo):
240 Km/h (149 mph), around 5 sec for 0-100 km/h, great 4x4 with much traction
Armored Kuruma is slightly slower in Acceleration, but same Topspeed.

Massacro (Aston Martin Vanquish):
310 Km/h (193mph), 3,7 sec for 0-100 km/h
Automatic Transmission

Obey 9F (Audi R8 4.2):

305 Km/h, 4,6 sec. for 0-100 km/h, better 4wd

Sultan (Subaru Impreza WRX Sti):
233 km/h (145mph) around 4,5 sec for 0-100 Km/h

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Finally. Nice mod. Is there a chance that you can do two things?

1. Release a version with IV vehicle deformation.

2. Make the Lazer and Hydra be a more realistic top speed.

Nice mod. The vehicle top speeds are one thing that I disliked about GTA V. (Or any GTA for that matter.) Glad to have it out.

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Yeah, a lot of people request deformation. I will look at it, its not that hard, but also quite time consuming.

I already tried myself with tweaking the Topspeed of Aircrafts, but with no success. There is the possibility to increase the thrust, therefore making the Aircraft reaching his Topspeed much faster. But I need to figure out where or how to increase the Topspeed because the methods are not the same as for Cars.

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I tried the deformation version of this mod. Nothing seems to have changed. It seems to just have deformation, and the Adder has infinite mass.


Edit: Never mind. Open IV was just doing that stupid glitch where it won't replace files when you use drag n drop.

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Really like your mod, needs some tweaking but very enjoyable. Are you planning on updating it, or did you abandon?

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Turismo R is a P1. Carbonarizze is an Aston Martin Zagato and the Zentorno is a Sesto Elemento, they only have minor influences of the cars you think they're based off


Edit: Again the cheetah only has a minor influence from the Spanish and the adder is a Super Sport

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