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Hydra kicking me out mid air?


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Three times in a lobby today I was flying in my Hydra when it abruptly would spawn me in mid air, falling, and the Hydra suddenly respawned back at its pick up point in the airport.


The Hydra didn't eject me out, it just disappears in mid air and I don't get charged. It simply just relocated to its spawn point. This kept happening as I was flying over Los Santos trying to collect a bounty.


Any idea what's happening? New glitch or is it just me? I'm on ps3, but there wasn't any other sort of hacker/modder activity that I know of going on.




Blah. Nevermind! Turns out the dude with the bounty I was trying to get WAS the modder/hacker. Every time I'd come near him in my Hydra, I'd start falling in mid air out of NOWHERE and my Hydra was back at the airport as if I never picked it up. So he was doing it to keep me away.


One of the times when I parachuted down after my Hydra vanished, a mugger got me upon my feet touching the ground. I am betting he sent it, as well.


Also, I tried scoping him a couple of times with clean headshots and he wouldn't die. I guess he was in god mode.


Then a large UFO appeared over my head wherever I went!


It was him all along...

Edited by polaris23
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On PS4 I'm glad I don't have to deal with any of that sh*t anymore.

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On PS4 I'm glad I don't have to deal with any of that sh*t anymore.

Same here, xbone. Do not miss the haxxors.

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Yeah I had it happen to me but worked out it was a hacker as I also lost my parachute instantly on deployment and fell to my death. This was near a bounty also.

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Yep, you can eject drivers remotely through a trainer. You can also be teleported into water. Just be careful with your PVs. It's pretty frustrating.

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