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(PC) Black Skies Security Corp. Mercenary Crew


Recommended Posts

What is BSSC?

Black Skies Security Corp. (BSSC) is a newly founded, USA based, professional mercenary crew on the PC that does our clients "dirty work" for them. We will kill any player until they leave the lobby or until the client feels they have been killed enough. We also have a personal escort where a small team of BSSC Soldiers will be your personal guard in free roam. When there are no missions available, BSSC Soldiers go around into different lobbies and hunt down bounty players. The crew consists of teams of 4 players for low priority targets and escorts. Two teams of 4 players (8 BSSC Soldiers) will be dispatched on high priority targets/multiple targets or multi-person escort. The crew will also have crew heists, crew death matches, and other crew activities.

As of current there will be no ranks, no drama and no BS! You are free to use any vehicle and are only limited to certain vehicles when performing tasks for BSSC and its clients.

How does the Crew carry out its missions?

BSSC is a professional sounding and looking mercenary group who take a Granger/Mesa/Annihilator/Buzzard/Insurgent/Technical to the target. Each individual soldier use their own personal preference weapon that they feel is necessary for the mission. Team communication is always used.

BSSC low priority player hunt will consist of a squad sticking together (by car or by foot) and killing the targeted player until they leave the lobby or until the client has felt they have died enough. When moving by foot, the soldiers move tactically.

BSSC low priority escort consists of a squad that will use one Granger/Insurgent to take the client to his/her destination. The squad, when at a location, will set up a defensive perimeter around the client. If another player comes towards the squad they will send warning shots. If the player continues, the squad will open fire and kill the player anytime they are within range.

BSSC high priority player hunts will consist of a team of two squads using two Grangers/Insurgents/Mesa/Technical and a buzzard if a pilot is used to kill the targeted player(s) until they have killed each one 10 times or they leave the game.

BSSC high priority escorts consist of a team of two squads with 4 players in a lead Granger/Mesa/Techincal/Insurgent and two in a follow granger/Insurgent which will be used as the escort vehicle. Buzzard may be used as air backup. The squad will follow all the procedures from a low priority escort.

So how do you join?

All you have to do is meet these requirements, go on a "ride along" and join BSSC on Social Club.

We are also willing to have other PMC groups merge with us.


BSSC Soldier:

- At least level 24

- Have and maintain a 1.25 K/D (If you feel you are a good player and do not have a 1.25K/D feel free to contact me.)

- Must have (or have a spot for) a blacked out Granger (Must be in Metallic/Classic black for the main body, Metallic/Classic/matte black for the secondary color. White license plate, no xenons)

- Must maintain a Mercenary look while "on duty" (Boots, Cargo/Team/Military styled pants, no neon/bright colors!)

- Have a decent way of communication

- Be able to work in a group of 4-8 (can be the same people, but it won't always be.)

- Act professional to the client

- Be willing to play any aim style (Mainly Free Aim)

- Minimum age of 17

BSSC Squad Leader:

- At least level 45 (flexible as of now)

- Be able to lead a squad of 4

- Be able to work with another squad leader to lead a team of 8

- Meet BSSC Soldier requirements

May revisit this later if ranks are added.

BSSC Pilot:

- Be a good pilot with full flying skill

- Meet BSSC Soldier requirements

BSSC Lieutenants:

- At least level 60 (flexible as of now)

- Be able to be on and train new members when needed.

- Be able to lead two squads of 4

- Be able to defeat 7+ targets with an elite squad (Squad of Lieutenants)

- Meet BSSC Soldier requirements

May revisit this later if ranks are added.

BSSC Commissioners:

- Be on at least 4 days a week

- Have a keyboard and computer nearby

- Be able to confirm requests and send out the information to the Crew Leaders

- Lead a elite squad on high priority missions

- Meet BSSC Lieutenants requirements

May revisit this later if ranks are added.

Please leave this information.

- Name

- Age

- K/D

- SCName

- GT

- Reason you wish to join

Make sure to have your stats visible on your social club. If they are not you will be entitled to being kicked from the crew.

Thanks for checking this out, any questions comments or concerns can be left here or you can send me a message on SC (Bladez0fFury - 0=Zero) If you wish to use our services feel free to message me!

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