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gta 5, offline, story mode, play as female


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would like to find a mod to swap main players to female, have tried script-hook which btw is a great trainer but re skins look great but game does not recognize them as main players so I cant play quests in story mode with them, any ideas guys ?

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It is impossible to play missions as different character models, as it would crash the game in some cases.

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You can't do missions with it, but Director mode lets you play as (almost) any character in the game.

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thanks guys, will play with directors mode, btw gongel at gta5-mods.com has almost done it, sorry I cant seem to include links here or images, me < noob

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Trainer lets you play as any model you like, but you will have no money, can't earn any money,

so you can't buy anything, or do any missions, so they are pretty much useless for anything other than making videos.

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@ii.saif.ii, yes that's the mod I was talking about, but its not working for me > it changes me into ugly bald guy with tits in jeans but the game thinks I am still franklin so it seems to work except I don't look much like a female except for the tits, I hope gongel gets it working soon. @huskerboy42 its a mod using openiv 2.6

btw how did post the links ? please teach me how to post links and pics here

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