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Learning to write scripts

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Helllooooo everyone. I started summer break today, and I figured I would pick up a new hobby. The major problem I am running into is the fact that I have no idea where to start with this. Ive been looking around, and I cant seem to find anything that breaks down how to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You have to know what language to use and then learn the syntax for said language. I think GTAV modding is C# code...not sure though, I'm sure someone will chime in. I'm well versed in 3dxMax and Catia but very little about coding.


Good luck! It's a good endeavor to take up.



Edited by DrDetroit

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for now the language for create scripts for GTA V are C++, somepeople have created a wrappers to make scripts with other language for now are .NET/C#, Lua and Python

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download Visual Studio 2013 Community from Microsoft (It's free). Then the Script Hook SDK.


When you open the Native Trainer then all settings to make a asi file are done.

You can write your own code an compile it to use in GTA5.


Download mods with source code to learn what they do.


There are many tutorials to learn c++.

If you need to use C# there is also a Script Hook for VB# and C#









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The easiest route to go is to start learning C# and use the scripthookvdotnet. C# is much easier to use than C++. C++ looks more complicated if you dont have a programming background although it is easy to learn if you read a lot and google whenever you dont understand something and practice.

Edited by c39687

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