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Would you like another handheld GTA?


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Something I want to discuss here that's not "Best[insert common GTA element here]".


Now I haven't touched LCS, VCS or Chinatown Wars in a while but when it comes down to it (not really LCS) VCS and Chinatown Wars were both very unique GTA installments that really added in nice elements that were key to those games, VCS with the most detailed empire building to date and Chinatown Wars with the drug dealing elements. It dissapoints me that none of these made it into the core series, but it seems that Rockstar Leeds definitley looks at GTA with a set of fresh eyes, as opposed to what R* North has to offer.


What I really want is to see another game that has some unique elements which we haven't seen before. You can argue that every GTA does, but looking at both IV and V you can see that in the end R* North has chosen to stick very closely to the generic GTA formula, whereas Leeds likes to take their games in new directions, whilst still holding on to what GTA is.


Plus, the handheld had the best unique vehicles, like the V8 Ghost, Demios SP, Polaris V8, Splitz 6 ATV, Little Willy, Hellenbach, etc.


But, the issue arrised: the death of handheld gaming. The PSVita bombed pretty hard (and in all honesty I think GTA is a main reason why the PSP successeeded) and Pokemon is all that holds 3DS sales down. It is possible that Rockstar could venture into mobile gaming, as they did with 3D era ports, but the difference is that those ports were more for nostalgia freaks than those who wanted to play through the entire game.


So would you like to see R* Leeds (or any studio for that matter) make another GTA for handheld devices with a set of fresh eyes? Do you think it could ever happen? Or are you content with just your main installments?

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I do want another handheld game. They added new features, like you said, that haven't been explored further. The problem is, they couldn't make another Stories game, as they can't return to the 3D Era, and the maps are too big for all of it. One like CTW would be great, though. CTW was awesome, and seeing a game that only took place in LS or just Blaine County would be great to explore more about those areas. As for the handheld market, there's always phones. I'm sure fans, and non-fans, would buy a new handheld game on their mobile devices. If SA can fit on those, a new CTW-like game can. I hope Rockstar decides to do another one of these.

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No. I dunno why, but handheld games just felt gimmicky to me.

"You can finally play GTA while you're at work! No more choosing one over the other, it's 'and' from now on!"

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Handheld gaming is pretty much dead what I would like to see is R* letting R* Leeds(Even though they mainly focus on handhelds) create a console GTA game.

Edited by Zello
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As long as it`s made on RAGE/Euphoria and ONLY IF it`s available on the PS3 or 4.

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I would not mind another hand held game. I could see it as another money stream for Rockstar, in between their main games. After all they do care about money.

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No. I would not.

Chances are it would be "pay to win"

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I'd definitely love to see another Leeds' Stories game. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for LCS and both VCS and CTW felt really fresh. VCS in particular was surprisingly ambitious game for a handheld spinoff and I liked how even Dan Houser once admitted it was one of his favorite games in the series. I have to wonder what could Leeds do if Rockstar NYC put them behind the wheel of a main title. Maybe they should do a CoD-style "IW>Treyarch>Sledgehammer" switcheroo and give them GTA VI. I'm sure people at North would be happy to do something other than GTA for the first time in more than 10 years too.


As for handheld games in general, I'd like another one too. The problem is, like you said, the troubled state of handheld gaming. 3DS is doing well, but it has a very different audience compared to the old PSP/home consoles. Chinatown Wars unfortuntely didn't sell, so Rockstar has no reason to publish another game on the console. Maybe it would have done better back then if it wasn't a top-down game and now 3DS has the power to handle full 3D Era-style game, but who cares. There is no way Rockstar will try their luck for a second time.


Mobile phones could be a possibility, but I'd rather have them stay the hell away from that. I just like to enjoy my games on dedicated gaming systems.

Edited by HaythamKenway
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I'd rather they just focus on the next console/PC GTA, after bringing out story DLC for V first.

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Unfortunately not into handheld gaming, at all. Nor into smartphones with the touch screen controls that's absolutely uncomfortable for me to play any game whatsoever.

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