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Grand Theft Auto - Memes


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Well of course he's gonna get shot for stealing that man's bike. And ofc, it makes sense if the chicken is accompanied by watermelon kool-aid.


oh stereotypes

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i like how a lot of these pictures aren't really memes and just pictures with text

they're still funny though


...Part of GTA logic, who cares, the important is that they are funny.

Look at advice animals, not funny, but memetic.

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i like how a lot of these pictures aren't really memes and just pictures with text

they're still funny though

"A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." -Wikipedia


Putting present-tense narrations over a picture is technically a meme.

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Thanks, guys. For everyone that is posting here is a tip, there is a rare file extension called: JP7 or JPG7 or an extension with the number: 7, in it. The forum won't accept that extension, just to let you know.

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I really hope this gets locked, memes are cancer.

lol, then f*ck off and get out


Nobody likes memes lol, do this in a normal society and you will be branded as a loser.


Lol says the guy with a meme as his avatar!


Further more... people that say things such as "nobody does/likes/says" and feels they can band round terms like "normal"... are like 99.9% of the time compete losers that live in a self perpetuated fantasy that the way they conduct their lives is anything but "sad", they constantly reassure themselves by saying "nobody" as if they know more then 10 people (off facebook and your mums freinds dont count.) and they use terms like "normal" to insinuate they are none of the above and are in the half of society that isn't living a fantasy and just getting on with their sh*t not worrying about what others are up to. They will also dismiss anything that shows them how sad they are and reply with some smart ass sh*t that only they believe.

Edited by blakeney
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Edited by WildBrick142
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