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I might have screwed up...


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I'm currently ranked at 308, and I just wanted to try something new.. I wanted to create a female character completely from scratch. And I mean TOTALLY from scratch.. So I created an all new psn account with another email address that I've had for a while. And so I started up the game after setting up the new account. Since it was a completely different account, I started up at the very beginning of the story mode. (You know, where you start off as Michael at that bank with Trevor and Brad).. so I fly through the intro and then afterwards, I try to get onto gta online so I can create an all new (female) character and meet new friends and the whole 9 yards... But I notice that it tells me to sign in in order to get into online gta. But.... I'm already signed in.. ....So right away, I realized that creating an all new account was probably a bad idea. So I deleted it and signed back in to my regular account. Only to realize that it's now doing the same thing, where I attempt to join online, but it tells me to sign in when I'm already signed in. ....So now I'm unable to get onto gta online and I think that by creating an all new account, I might have broken some kind of rule that I didn't look into and I think I might have screwed myself out of playing online.. I wasn't trying to cheat or anything like that, I just wanted to try something new lol... So lemme just say real quick that if anyone is still reading my big long post, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read it :-) ...And would anybody happen to know how I can get back online? I don't even care about making a new character anymore, I just want to get onto my regular account and continue using my character that I busted my ass getting up to a rank of 308.

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no thats not your fault!

just read other threads here.

it's a rockstar issue right now all over the world!

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Oooohh ok. I just noticed that other people are posting similar topics. Cool, thanks for the heads up. :-)

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