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Hydra Blocked by the Titan


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Am I the only one who gets c*cked blocked by the Titan/Jet when trying to pick up my Hydra? I'm at the airport, driving towards the back hanger, I give pegasus a call and the plane shows up on my map... But as soon as I get close the titan spawns in and I get a call back from pegasus returning my +$200.


So I call them back and request it again... The plan shows up on the map near the entrance of the airport... I head over there and once again.. I get close and the private jet spawns forcing Pegasus to call me back...+$200



You want to hear the funny part? I even flew the titan OUT of the hanger and as soon as I got out of the titan ANOTHER WAS ALREADY SPAWNED IN, so I taxied that one out of the hanger AND ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER... I had 5 Titans out of the hanger and could NOT get my Hydra.


I was both angry and laughing hysterically at the same time.


Has this happened to anyone? what do you do to prevent it?


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And the Luxor. And the Mallard, etc. I think it's best to call Pegasus before you're anywhere near the spawn point. If other players are already nearby it's a problem.

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I'm lucky I never had this happen, only thing I can imagine is that someone called in their Titan.

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Never had this happen, my Hydra always spawns the opposite side of the terminal near the gate just off the freeway.

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Blow the Titan up, drive off and put some distance between you and the wreckage then call for your Hydra.


Always works for me

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This also happens when you're alone in the lobby.


It's just, well the game spawns vehicles at random. Your Pegasus vehicle spawns only after you're very near (sometimes you need to drive past the point and back and only then it spawns). But those random vehicles, they spawn all the time. So if your Pegasus vehicle is about to spawn somewhere where a random vehicle already is, well your Pegasus vehicle doesn't spawn.


Because of course, random vehicles are much more important than the Pegasus one you ordered.

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its because pegasus is ran by incompetent fvcks

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its because pegasus is ran by incompetent fvcks

nah it's just cockstar sh*t coding
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No but the Buzzard's cockblocked me when I go to pick up my Savage

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Shadow good for you nay? Why would you want a Savage if you can have a Buzzard :lol:


I have it the worst. My Rhinos keep getting blocked by pedestrians and traffic. With a Titan you can at least fly away, but an NPC Penumbra won't help much with the job.

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I've had it happen a LOT, with all 3 spawn points in the airport. I couldn't even guess how many times I've driven back and forth between Devin Weston's hangar and the Titan hangar. Two ways to fix it are:


  1. Move the plane that's in the way, making sure to leave room for a Hydra to spawn,
  2. Blow up the plane that's in the way.


With both of those methods you need to then drive away (however far away is enough) and call Pegasus again. Either of those methods usually works.


However, if there are other players around then they can cause things to spawn, or your Hydra to not spawn. It's a mess, and it's a dumb one that could be fixed very, very easily.

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Retired Mafia

Always works for me, UNLESS there's a friend, or multiple friends in my car. Then I can't get any Pegasus vehicle to spawn.

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