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Rockstar Support - Response time


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So, I created a ticket 17 days ago reporting my two missing cars.

I get a standard reply two days later asking me to answer three questions and give them some images/video, so they can "assist me further".


I've answered their questions and also added a link to a ticket explaining the bug I was having ("Vehicles in your garage can no longer be accidentally replaced with vehicles from the street - bug fixed in 350.1").


How long does is usually takes before they take another look at the ticket?

Do I have to create a new ticket to complain about the unanswered ticket for something to happen or what?

Or is 17 days nothing?

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companies like these just use bots to respond to tickets, it just pisses me off you can't communicate with a normal human being which can understand you better.

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once i reported a missing vehicle due to the "insurance bug".

i only got that automatic response and a couple of weeks later the message that the ticket was marked as problem solved.

i never got any more information nor my missing car back and also no money or any excuses.

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Send a Tweet to Rockstar Support with your ticket # say that you still haven't recieved a reply after 17 days and keep tweeting them every couple of hours til they finally respond.


That's how i get them to respond to my tickets after waiting a week or so.


You could also make a thread in the Support section and with the title "Please look at my Ticket #) you'll usually get an answer by the end of the day.

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Thanks guys. First tweet to Rockstar support sent...


The value of the three cars (another disappeared after the first two) is approx 2.9 million GTA$ (all supercars with full mod-list).

I wonder if I get anything back from that.

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You should just be patient with them, 1 of their admin deleted 29 lf my custom plates bother day & R* Refunded the $3milliom gamecash id paid for then

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  • 2 weeks later...

They finally responded and gave me 2.5 million GTA$ for the missing cars.


So, for anyone waiting on R* support, don't be surprised if it takes them a month to help you. They'll get around to you eventually...

Edited by Pigeon420
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