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NATIVE DB Discussion and Explaination

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PedID PED::CREATE_PED(int Type, int ModelHash, float X, float Y, float Z, float Heading, bool NetworkHandle, bool ReturnHandle);


Type - ??? It appears 1 works for . also 26 is often used in scripts. So I don't think it is to do with relationship.

ModelHash - Hash of model, Can be obtained with Any ModelHash = GAMEPLAY::GET_HASH_KEY("<MODELNAME>"); must be loaded with STREAMING::REQUEST_MODEL(ModelHash);

X, Y, Z = Location to put model.

Heading = I would assume it's a 360 degree? North 0?

NetworkHandle = ??? I see it is usually if not always true but why?

ReturnHandle = I guess it makes it return the PedID, but what would it return if false.


RETURN: an int which would be the PedID.

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void AI::TASK_WANDER_STANDARD(Ped pedHandle, int p1, int p2)


pedHandle - Obviously a PedID. But often in the scripts I see a 0 here... Not sure how that would work.

p1 - ??? X maybe but in scripts I see 0x471C4000 often. I also see references to headings. So maybe a heading.

p2 - ??? Y maybe but in scripts I see 0 always maybe?



void AI::TASK_WANDER_IN_AREA(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4, Any p5, Any p6)

p0 - Appears to be PedID again. With sometimes 0 in scripts.

p1 - float, maybe X?

p2 - float, maybe Y?

p3 - float, maybe Z?

p4 - float, maybe radius or distance to wander from XYZ?

p5 - int, usually 0x40400000 heading of some kind?

p6 - int, usually 0x40C00000 heading of some kind?

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Whenever there is a 0 supplied as handle in the AI:: natives in the decompiled scripts, they are most likely using the following structure:












Between OPEN and CLOSE you can define multiple tasks to be performed in a row, like driving to a spot and parking there. As the task sequence is explicitely assigned to the ped later on, 0's are supplied as pedHandle between OPEN and CLOSE. As task I am using an int.

Edited by BenBaron

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void AI::TASK_STAND_GUARD(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4, Any p5)


p0 - Guessing PedID

p1, p2, p3 - XYZ?

p4 - Heading

p5 - "WORLD_HUMAN_GUARD_STAND" Guessing that is an animation name.



void AI::TASK_GUARD_SPHERE_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4, Any p5, Any p6, Any p7, Any p8, Any p9, Any p10)


p0 - Guessing PedID

p1, p2, p3 - XYZ?

p4 - ???

p5 - Maybe the size of sphere from XYZ?
p6 - ???

p7, p8, p9 - XYZ again?

p10 - Maybe the size of sphere from second XYZ?

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