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GTA 5 Single Player Stock Market Billionaire WITHOUT Heists/Assassinat

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The market might be an idea online perhaps, it would give the shoot anyone on sight crowd something to divert them.

I grabbed all the jewellery in that mission so I had a good financial start, but it's starting to make a mission's worth of money in ten minutes or less of stock market play.

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Glad my post has been useful for Some!

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TheFiendishOne, thx. Your post did help A LOT. I created an account here just to add some tips here. To clear things up:


I'm playing on PC (but i think it should work on ALL platforms).
This is for LCN only (it may work for bawsaq, but I don't play multiplayer, so I don't know).
My stocks are all mixed up (e.g.: when i press on AnimalArk (ARK) it transfers me to AirEMU (EMU) and some LCN stocks transfers you to bawsaq - you don't need those).

You have to do the mission which unlocks the stock exchange to use it.
No need to save, skip days or wait in real life.

All transactions are short (buy it and sell it immediately).

Sometimes it doesn't buy any stocks (bugged)


Now, TheFiendishOne did post a video here in which it's clear how to do it. (Very simple). But I'll run though the steps again:

First, you buy 1 stock to see if it shows up. If it didn't, then buy again the same 1 stock (although you lost your money the first time). It should show on your Portfolio now.

Then buy same stocks worth 15%-70% of your total cash.(I've found it to be a bit safer and not invest all your money. Although you can try other ranges yourself.)
(e.g.: If you have 100k. Buy the stock worth of 15-70k). Go to your portfolio and sell it instantly.

Repeat the process with new stocks: Buy new stocks (should NOT be bugged now, so you can instantly buy the quantity you need, and not just 1 stock.) and sell them instantly.

I've done some experimenting. And what I've found is that it DOES NOT matter if the shown stocks are soaring or plunging. You can still invest in them and get a profit. So it works for ALL LCN stocks (not just the ones which are going up at the moment). Yes, even LifeInvader.


You get a profit around 90% of the time. Sometimes a loss and somtimes no loss and no profit. Profits are 2-15%. And losses up to 5%. So it is THE FASTEST way to get money.


Edit: I usually buy LCN stocks by alphabetical order. When I reach the bottom (WorldwideFM transfers me to bawsaq, so last stock i press on is Vangellico (transfers to Logger), i start it from the top again.

Edited by JoinedOnlyFor1Comment

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I just started a new run through. I'll try this on ps4 and see if it still works.

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Unfortunately doesn't work anymore.

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I've done this before but for me it had to meet the following criteria: stock percentage is as low as possible with the following criteria being met: stock price cannot be greater than or equal to the lowest price recorded, your money will increase exponentially

If my stocks were worth over the 2.14 billion cap, then i couldn't cash them in

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