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Everyone Please Save me and this forum


Go to solution Solved by Kirsty,

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Hi All

The gtaforums member "toohk58249"

Has sent me this PM:


Please report or block this user so that he can't harass any more members

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Dude are you serious, I just told you on your thread:



There was no need to bump this thread for such report, contact the mods directly next time :)

Also, this member is already banned. It was in fact a bot, randomly sending hate PMs, nothing against you personally.

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Thank you all! this account has been busted! So don't worry any more!


Please forgive me If I have bothered you and wasted your time! I wanted to stop this meniac that's why! Please ignore this thread!


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Got the same mail a couple of months ago. It's a common thing here. No need to worry, just the usual internet toughguy trying to be cool.


The YT-link in the message was a clip to the movie "Guinea Pig" by the way. xD

Edited by IchliebeDeutscheland
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oh I get those all the time when I disagree with someone

Edited by Gutslab
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Did this really need a thread?


You should consider it a compliment when you get trolls like these xD.

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CALL THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But seriously, don't worry about it ok op?

Edited by Rard-Life
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  • Solution

These accounts are spammer bots that register and target many random members to send abusive PMs like in your screenshot.


Don't worry about it and don't respond, they aren't real members, report it immediately so that we can ban the accounts to stop any further messages being sent.


This has already been dealt with, thanks :^:

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