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Police behavior in GTA VI


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I hope that the police will not only come to your aid if you`re under attack from gangs but that the gangs will also get wanted levels. Let`s say a gang starts shooting at you and a cop sees it and he fires on them, if that cop gets killed then that gang will get 2 stars and more cops will come, the more they kill each other the more their wanted level will rise and it`ll escalate the situation. Wouldn`t it be cool to witness an epic shootout between a gang and SWAT teams / riot police and the gangs? You could even decide to step in and give either side a hand, thereby earning their "respect," like in GTA 2. Imagine having the cops` respect so they tend to take it easy on you, or having the respect of a gang that makes sure their borders are like a safe haven for you... obviously if your "respect" meter is low they`ll shoot on sight. If you do vigilante missions your favor or "respect" with the police rises but if you do nothing other than kill cops all game they`ll shoot you on sight etc.


Also the cops should use other tools than just guns like tasers, nightsticks and spike strips (that you should also be able to deploy if you steal a cop car) and they should try to arrest people rather than just murder everybody. Taking people, including you to jail etc.

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Great idea. Hopefully they'll do something like this in GTA VI. I can only imagine a shootout between the cops and a gang and just standing there, watching.

Edited by GamesBoy316
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1 star- footchase/cop chase


2 star- pit maneuvers blockades/batons and tazers


3 star- tires shot, road spikes helicopter support


4 star- full on force. Cops will use excessive force and road spikes/ will shoot you


5star- NOOSE team, helicopter shootings, roadblocks


6 stars- Hydras, APCs, tanks, rooftop snipers. Won't stop till you're dead



Edited by JamRock7
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I'm all for more NPC/Police interaction. It would really be more immersive to see shootouts between gangs and cops. Previous games had this feature somewhat. In SA, you could see cops shooting down runaway criminals, or have a shootout with them. In IV, it was really bumped up. Cops would arrest criminals, and you could even trigger cop shootouts with gangs if lucky enough. I'd like to see more of this without player intervention. Also, I'd really like to see the "Good Citizen Award" come back. That was so much fun.

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I hope they ask the Modding Community to design it. After V, I can't say it will be very good, at this stage.

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That would be pretty complicated to track... What if you're fighting a gang, then a pedestrian gets involved, or another pedestrian? Wanted levels for each "faction" involved in the fight just seems like it would overwhelm police AI.. Would definitely be awesome it if DID work, though.


I personally want to see K9 units added. Like, when you break contact and the police are searching for you, they'll send a dog into your last known location. The dog will sniff you out if you're not hidden well, and will track you even more easily if you're bleeding (characters in V leave blood trails when wounded).

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  • 1 month later...

As much as I'd like a GTA where you can be sort of a good guy, I don't think that's ever gonna happen. The game is famous for its sociopathic nature. Watch_Dogs on the other hand did just that - you were THE vigilante. In that game you could earn the respect of the civilians by being a good guy and preventing crime (as opposed to being a menace). You're an internationally wanted man. The more people respect you, the less are the chances they'll inform the police. They might even greet you and say they "haven't seen you here". On the other hand, if you cause havoc like most people do in GTA, you lose respect, and as soon as people recognize you, they will alarm the police as soon as they see you.


I really like the "wanted man" aspect of Watch_Dogs, as well as its reputation system. I hope they build something similar in a future GTA games. It's hard to imagine that a guy who mowed down 1000 pedestrians in 2013's police state will just walk the streets undisturbed, without anyone knowing who he is. Then again, if you don't cause mayhem, you should remain unknown to the public eye. It would be nice if there were consequences for the path you choose. They could do it in so many different ways... :catloaf:





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