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Copperheads MC (360)


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COPPERHEADS MC BC - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/copperheads_mc_bc


CHMC PROSPECTS - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/chmc_prospects


Welcome to the Blaine County Copperheads Motorcylce Club thread. We are a new crew in search of loyal members.



This is an Xbox 360 motorcylce club. We play on free aim. In this crew we do missions, heists, etc., but mostly just roam around in freemode and have fun. If you want to join, you must first join the CHMC PROSPECTS crew. It is open invite. Send a friend request on Xbox 360 to me, F3rocious Panda, as well. After we get to play with you for a while, we will invite you to the crew. We are still sorting out and fine-tuning the rules, and the earlier you join our MC, the more say you will get in these matters.



-Must have a mic

-Must be 17+ years old

-Must be loyal to this crew


Crew Policies:

-Dress in "Biker Gang" attire.

-Own at least one Daemon, Bagger, Hexer, Innovator, or resprayed Sovereign.

-You can use other vehicles, but you should be on your bike when with other crew members.

-Use any weapons you'd like against non-MC crews, but against other MC's use assault rifles until they start using other weapons.

-Don't shoot at other MC's until they shoot first, unless they are well established rivals (at this moment we have none).


What separates us?

We are a well structured crew; we have some guidelines but aren't too overbearing. Our main goal is just to have fun. In this crew we aim to learn and get better at the game. We are a tightly nit group, which has it's advantages over a crew with 1,000 members where you can't even remember anyone's name.


And we have an awesome biker patch thanks to Neiklause_1 :).

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