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Were Trev's Airfield missions designed to troll players?

Psychotic Bison

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Psychotic Bison

The buggy missions are OK, except for the buggy itself that jumps and flips like a f*cking monkey whenever you hit anything bigger than a pebble; lemme tell ya it's a blast to watch the f*cking thing turn over and over while listening to Trev cuss.


But the plane! f*ck! The Cuban handles like sh*t and you are required to make precision maneuvers in it, and worse yet NO! GODDAMN! CHECKPOINTS! Which means that after you are done doing the practically impossible, you have to land on the worst positioned airstrip in the history of humanity (hills on one side, structures on the other) and did I mention that the Cuban handles like sh*t? You are either coming in too fast, or your engines stall, and when you do touch down - WHOOPS! You clipped the hangar wall! THE PLANE WAS DESTOYED MISSION FAILED LOLOLOLOLOLOLO.


f*ck these missions, f*ck the Cockstar hack who designed them, f*ck the Cockstar hack who wrote the handling for the Cuban, and coincidentally f*ck the asshole who decided that adding turbulence would be fun. I hope your mother, your wife and every one of your children has to get life-flighted one day and the life flight crashes because of turbulence, you cock-sucking bastard.


And before you ask, YEAH BRO IM MAD.

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I'm not mad. Is turbulence annoying? Sure. Does it really cause problems? Not that I can see. Supposedly the more you fly and the more your flying skill goes up, this is supposed to lessen the turbulence - but I don't really fly that much so I can't really say if it works. I mean, it's not like you're shaken out of the sky initially. I don't know if it's possible to fly without any turbulence whatsoever.


I do find myself getting a bit frustrated when I'm flying and trying to line up on a target (like, the ones where you have to drop bombs in a straight line) or to land, but then I tell myself, hey, you're in a plane, have a little patience, make sure you travel far enough that you can turn around and then easily get on target. And I usually intentionally cut the engines on landing approach because I haven't found the sweet spot and with the engines running I always feel like I'm going too fast, so I just coast in whenever possible.


And let's face it, T has a sh*tty runway. Would have been nice to be able to make improvements to it (oh, but wait - it's that old "T wants to have a criminal empire but is completely unable to actually improve anything" stupidity they've thrown on us).

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Honestly I find it very easy to land McKinsey (sp) field. I think you might just need more practice. Also the turbulence does lessen as you increase your flying skill. Go to the air flight school at Los santos air port and play the missions. By the end of it your flying stat should be maxed out.

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Wow OP you seem to have issues. Wishing ill on people and their families is just stupid.


Try to remember it's a just a game.

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I know you probably won't like this answer,but get good with it. It's my primary GTAO plane and I love flying it, and i'd say i'm quite good at it.


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Since this is being brought up now, I'm going to assume you're playing on the PC. Flying with a mouse and keyboard as always been tough. These missions weren't difficult at all on the console versions; flying with a controller.


So no, they were not designed to troll players. You're just having a little fit.

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Why do I feel like this whole thread is a troll post -_-

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King Vercetti




Inb4 everyone that replies is madder than the op.

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I do tons of Trevors missions. There is only one where the time to do it is actually impossible, no matter your skill level.


Do flight school and fly around for a bit, it'll come and eventually it will seem like flying is no problem.

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GTA 5 is objectively the better game than Saints Row 4 in most ways but the sad fact is that Saints Row 3 and 4 has better flight controls.

Who was the genius who thought it was a good idea to have us use the numpad?

Heli controls are even worse. Planes can be done with a lot of practice, lots of annoying trial and error but helis, that's an even worse nightmare.

The thing about Saints Row 3 and 4 flight controls is that they were simple.

Keep it simple, basic design stuff.


GTA 5 has way better, far suparior driving controls and parachuting though.

Edited by FairPlayer
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Practice. Practice lots and lots of landing.

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Share Sharqi

I do tons of Trevors missions. There is only one where the time to do it is actually impossible, no matter your skill level.

Is it 'literally' impossible?

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yeah pretty much, it's a bug i think



but otherwise, the smuggling missions are awesome.



just gotta practice, bro

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If you consider Trevor and everything about him to be a huge middle finger to the GTA fanbase you would not be entirely incorrect.

His character is based on the how the average GTA player does things which is reflected in his stats.

Have you guys played Online lately?

Lots of Trevors there.

Destructive jerks who kill, bomb and run over people for no profit, causing unprofitable mayhem and has the mistaken belief that high explosives are precision weapons.


However I suspect that the the flying controls are just plain bad design rather than malevolent intent.


The other character who is a blatant insult to GTA fans is Jimmy DeSanta, but more in appearance and behavior since he plays Righteous Slaughter rather than any GTA equivalent.

I love how Rockstar insults its fanbase, hilarious.

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Flying Helicopters are a pain it seems no matter how still I hold the thumb sticks helicopters sway back and forth. there no fun to fly. I really enjoy flying planes though.

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You need to practise flying. The buggy missions are a pain though, I don't do those.

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buggy missions are a lot of fun once you know the map (so you remember where it's flat..) AND you stop looking at them as 'Escapes'


what I do is once I get the package, I don't try escape... I try just find a place stop, get on foot, and have a cool shootout with a truck or helicopter haha :D much more fun


the buggy is super annoying though :( but if you can sort of put more emphasis on the combat part, they're a good way to get constant cool shootouts

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If you think the controls for the "cuban" are hard then i could only imagine how difficult missions like "supply lines" would be for you.

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I do tons of Trevors missions. There is only one where the time to do it is actually impossible, no matter your skill level.

Is it 'literally' impossible?


I chose my words correctly. Actually means in an actual event, literally means in potentality.

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I find the missions fun and relatively easy. The hardest ones, for me, are the bombing run missions.

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I enjoy them, altho the carpet bomb one did take me a dozen tries to do o.O that was a difficulty spike and then some >_<; (All the more awesome when I did it on maybe try #9 only to crash land coz I was so pumped it was over ahahha >.>)


The funny thing about that is, the whole point of carpet bombs is to negate the need for accuracy, yet this mission requires some precision!

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The combat part's definitely fun; it's the driving part that sucks.


agreed they bounce like crazy


i wish we could use our own customized vehicle... like, have a garage spot there reserved JUST for smuggling that we can customize and change to a different vehicle whenever we want (but require off-road tires)

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I fly with keyboard and mouse. It's really not that hard, but you have to have patience, take it easy, and don't overfly (meaning, don't mess with the controls too much).

Here's my advice on the plane missions:


W=increase speed

S= decrease speed

A=move left

D=move right





4=roll left

6=roll right

Know the area. Fly around in big circles. I usually fly in a wide circle on the far edge of the lake. Then, keeping the mountains on my left and the lake on my right, I start my approach.

I do two taps down, one tap up 885 to slowly bring the plane down. I do two taps slow, one tap fast to slow down without stalling. SSW. Play with it a bit.


Use the rudder AD to move the plane and use the flaps (46) as little as possible, just enough to keep the plane even with the ground.

I rebound landing gear to keypad 0 because I kept accidentally hitting F (bail out) instead of G (landing gear).


Line up the wingtips even with the edges of the runway, and the plane as flat and level with the ground as possible, and as low as possible. Drop gear, tap 8 to bring it down and quickly tap S multiple times to slow down as fast as possible.

You should have a smooth, easy landing, then just W for power and AD to steer into the hanger.

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You're a noob like i once was it takes some getting used to. Once you get back to LS i suggest you go to flight school. If you are on computer i suggest you get a controller. How can you guys play using mouse and keyboard?

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