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Recommended Posts


If anyone wants to join send me a message/email on facebook, gmail or gta formus or join my crew

First 2 people to join my crew or agree to come on my first meet are my assistants


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GTA5carmeetonline


Social Club Crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gta_cruise_and_meet


Gmail: [email protected]


My GT: Hoshner Tavadia

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hey wanna just wait three hours and join mine? here is the desription of mine.



interested in joining our car meet? we will be having competitions in six categories:

Drift King

Drag King

Grip King

Offroad King

Show King

Race King


We also will be having a cruise across the State.



-No Bumping

-No Killing

-No Cops

-Must Follow Instruction

-No Yelling or Raging

-Do not kill for Bounty



Vehicle Types Prohibited:

-Modded Cars

-Pegasus Vehicles


-Helicopters (unless filming)



Vehicles Classes Allowed:



-Sports Classics








Time of Event:

2 pm May 9th, 2015




How to get invited: :rah:

-Message me on Xbox: DOSxTreasurer

-or post your gamer tag below.


I will post a Lobby roster an hour before the meet starts. look forward to seeing some competition tommorow!

Edited by DOSxTreasurer
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2 pm eastern standard time or noon for you

greenwich mean time right?

so that would be 7 pm

you in?

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no thats 6 30 in the morning over here

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