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[V|REL] 3rd Person Without Lens Flare


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NOTE: Big thanks to the creators of OpenIV. Without their work, even this simple mod would not have been possible.



IF YOU HAD THIS MOD INSTALLED PRIOR TO THE RECENT GTA V PATCH, YOU MUST REINSTALL THE MOD. Any version of this mod should work in the newest game version.







-Includes a new flavor: Even Less Effects, which reduces the lens flare files to a bare minimum

-Readme, screenshots updated for new flavor






-Now includes files for altering/removing lens flare for all three characters

-Updated readme file

-Both "flavors" of the mod are now included in a single .zip, downloadable at the bottom of this post.






This mod removes lens flare from the third person camera (it is already disabled in first person by default). My mod is available in three flavors:


-Exposure Without Artifacts


-No Exposure, No Artifacts


-Even Less Exposure (reduces the lens flare files to a bare minimum)





First person default:






Third person default:






Third person modded: Exposure Without Artifacts






Third person modded: No Exposure, No Artifacts




Third person modded: Even Less Effects










Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oryp3bzsa5cksfd/GTAV%20-%20NLFITP%20Ver.%203.0.zip?dl=0


GTA5-Mods.com: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/no-lens-flare-in-3rd-person


Future plans:


May add exposure and artifacts to first person if I ever figure out how to do that. Doesn't seem like it's doable, at least as far as I can tell.


All three characters have different-looking suns by default. I may release different versions of the "with exposure" mod that allow using each character's sun with any other character.

Edited by Invader115
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Great mod thank you?

Can you add exposure without artifacts to 1st person please?

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I'm gonna look into that today. It shouldn't be too difficult.


UPDATE: I tried everything I could think of, but I can't get the first person sun to change. It's probably doable, but my modding skills are minimal and I'm not sure where to look for the solution. If anyone else figures out how to add exposure and/or artifacts to the first person sun, feel free to upload that as your own mod. In the meantime, I'll keep trying and will update if I figure it out.


UPDATE TWO: I've only just figured out that Franklin, Michael, and Trevor all have different lens flare settings, and that my mod only removes Trevor's lens flare. I have no idea why Rockstar decided that character-specific lens flare was a worthwhile feature, but I'm going to start working on a solution for all three characters now. This also means that first-person mods are on the backburner for now.

Edited by Invader115
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