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Sittin Proper Car Meet

[Xbox One]

Hosted by TeamUmar

Co-Hosted by UhDil

We just have a few rules we want everyone to follow

  • No killing(If it was accidental, just apologize).
  • You must have a mic.
  • If you get the cops, just call Lester or go away from the group and lose them.
  • No weapons unless you are doing the stance method, after you do it PUT AWAY YOUR WEAPONS.
  • If you want to lower your car do it away from everyone.
  • No crashing into other players, when we are cruising do not over take each other. Its a cruise not a race.
  • If you have excessive noise in the back(ie: fans, kids, your mom screaming at you...) mute your mic unless you need to speak.
  • No jets or helicopters. (The only ones using helicopters are going to be the photographers.)
  • No Pegasus called vehicles
  • No Special Vehicles from Import & Export DLC


Class Type: Any(Just has to be customized either ascetically or performance. No stock cars or bikes)



Most importantly have fun!

Follow our car page on IG, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! @SittinProper


You may also post pictures from our meet on this thread! :r*: :lol:


Edited by TeamUmar
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Thanks to everyone who showed up and sorry for the people who weren't able to connect. We will be hosting another meet tomorrow around 8pm eastern.

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If you dont get an invite within 1-5 mins please message TeamUmar or oozyMayne for an invite on Xbox. For those who keep getting timed out just restart your xbox start up single player and than message us for an invite.

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Meet is over due to connection errors. Thank you for everyone who joined. I will posting the pictures from the meet later.

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Due to connectivity issues I had to cut the meet short. Thanks to ones the ones who made it out. Will host another meet later!

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