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(PS4) The Caruzzo Family- Looking for members.


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This is a PS4 Crew.


For the best part of the 20th century the "Land of Opportunity", the United States of America, was home to a unique phenomenon. A criminal organisation whose tentacles reached down into the belly of the underworld and scaled the heights of power. It goes by many names; the Mob, the Mafia, "friends". But the name used by its' secretive members was simply Cosa Nostra, "our thing".


Cosa Nostra has its origins in the lemon groves surrounding Palermo, the capital of the Mediterranean island of Sicily. Ruled by a succession of corrupt governors and noblemen, Sicily's peasantry was kept in a state of quasi-feudal poverty and serfdom by crippling taxes and unjust government. They began creating local defence groups, akin to militias, in an attempt to protect themselves and their property. As the years wore on, these competing groups, known as "families" by the secretive, clannish Sicilians, began to extort the population, eventually becoming a shadow government in these violent lands.


This criminal fraternity crossed the Atlantic Ocean along with the successive waves of poor, destitute Europeans in the late 19th and early 20th century. They established themselves primarily along the east coast, warring with gangs of other immigrants, mostly Irish and Jewish, to establish their dominance in the underworld.


The truly defining moment in Italian-American organized crime was down to one man. Charles "Lucky" Luciano formed the mafia "Commission", a board comprised of the most powerful families of New York, in 1931, dividing the spoils of the lucrative criminal market and more importantly agreeing to resolve any differences through negotiation and barter rather than the traditional methods of a bullet in the face. With that, Cosa Nostra entered a golden age.


For the next 45 years the Mafia ruled the underworld, making money on par with business giants like Boeing, their ranks united under the code of omertà, "silence". Members of a family, from the lowest to the highest, raked in the spoils of an empire.


But these good times ended in the late 1970s, when the US Government finally enacted laws that tackled the entire organisation, rather than just individuals. With successive generations of Italians and Sicilians grown rich on the proceeds of their crime, so had they abandoned the roots of the families-an idea of comradeship and community against outside oppression that had been left by the wayside in the pursuit of the American Dream. No longer would a made man serve a life sentence for his bosses- cooperating with the authorities became a common occurrence.


Throughout the 80s and 90s the mafia took hit after hit, dwindling to a shadow of its' former glory.


By the present day, they still exist, hidden in the shadows of American business, government, and social structure.


The idea of the Caruzzo Family is to return to the ways of the past-meaning robbing fools, blasting fools, escaping the cops- but with a sense of style and community. Anyone can join, at all levels. The idea is to have fun and and grab loads and loads of loot. There are only a couple of rules, and they're pretty simple.


1. Have fun. Remember it's just a game. People get so angry about this, but it's just for a laugh. No racism, sexism, etc. it ruins the enjoyment.


2. When you are doing a mission, do the mission. Don't muck about- if you want to shoot other players, do a deathmatch. They are cool too. But don't screw everyone else just for the sake of it.


3. Back up your team. Don't leave them hanging in a shoot out. Don't just drive off into the sunset. We're supposed to be organized criminals.


So if you are interested, join the Caruzzo Family. Bring back some style to the underworld.You can join in many ways. Fire off a pm here in the forums with your PSN ID and I'll send you an invite. Or track me down on PSN.


PSN ID: Ulstermann

Social Club link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/caruzzo_family


I've only just started the crew, so I'm looking for senior members too.


Thanks for reading and see you in Los Santos!

Edited by ulstermann00
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My PSN is sovietbrad so send me an invite. I'm looking to do some heists and I am pretty serious about getting the job done.

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Sure man! I've sent you a friend invite now. I

Edited by ulstermann00
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