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what do you think of having hermaphrodites in GTA V? As NPCs and being able to pick them up as prostitutes?


Would add to the fun factor. There could be some retarded hermaphrodite prostitutes and if you pick them up with Franklin or Michael, the protagonists should be like "WTF" at the moment he's noticing it (while the prostitute gets ontop of the character). He should get out of the car immediately and behave terrified. Would be funny as hell. Trevor should be like "whatever?" and bang them.


They should be very rare, of course. Also as normal NPCs on the street. Thoughts?

Edited by NumaYay
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What does this have to do with raping Jimmy?

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I was just notified ....something about rape and Jimmy. I prefer hobos but ...

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You already have trannies and male strippers, so why not?

Don't they make sense though? Are hermaphrodite prostitutes something anybody ever sees? It just seems like a reach for humor that isn't there.

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What, so then you can complain about them not being dirty enough or not salty enough?


I'm good.

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Womens groups already got GTA V banned in two Australian retail stores because you can kill female prostitutes and get your money back, now you wanna add fuel for the rest of the SJW army?


No thanks.

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Another excellent numayay thread. You surprised me again, this is the most retarded idea I've ever seen in the V section.


I don't know if I should congratulate you or what.

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>going full retard

>guaranteed replies


Well, that's sort of attracting attention, too, i guess

Edited by Alvarez
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Someone has to confront some dark issues in his life, I guess.

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Where to begin...

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