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Is there a work-around to get some money fast?


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I have no money really and my crew and I are counting on me to get us a Valkryie by Saturday. Really trying to do this but my time is limited between those days and even then money is tough to get for me. So I either need a way to get an easy Valkryie or a way to get easy money.

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If you have crews, competent ones, then repeat heists.


Really, if you have competent crews, then its easy money. Its those that dont have friends/crews playing this game that has hard time earning money.

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heist heist heist ad heist. Plus the lester and martin jobs also gave like 20k per job.

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Repeating the heists is the easiest way, with an able crew it shouldn't be problem to make enough cash.

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Sell cars you never drive

Shark card

Grind with crew and have everyone in the crew share cash from last job (under inventory) after every job. Max 10k each.

Do final bank heist with crew and give yourself 100% payout. (if they want you to have it that badly)

Steal / sell cars every 35 minutes (set an alarm/reminder)

Range Rover sells for 9k and is usually easy to find.

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Besides a shark card, there's no legitimate workaround. Valkyrie costs 2,85M. Warstock Cache & Carry sells them, they don't spawn in freeroam. Only way to legitimately get that kind of dough in two days' time is by grinding your ass off or buying in-game cash with real money.


You could raise that kind of dough if you play for those two days non-stop, but like you said, time is short... So you and your crew might simply want to adjust your expectations. Just keep on doing heists with your crew and you'll have the money soon enough. It shouldn't take too long - but making 2,85M in two days when you have very limited time is completely unrealistic, sorry. It's just not going to happen.


If you and your crew are desperate and waiting/grinding isn't an option you could just get a cash card. I wouldn't use one myself and wouldn't recommend it to you because I feel it cheapens the experience of making your own money. But I'm not going to judge you for it - as long as it works for you, it's fine by me. It's all good.


Just had a look and 2,85M is going to cost you anywhere between 35 and 54 USD depending on which card(s) you pick. So if you do decide to go this route, it's not cheap...


Personally, I'd just do heists and missions. But this is up to you and your crew, of course.


Oh, and don't forget that the pilot can't fire any weapons in the Valkyrie. It's a lot of fun when you're playing with friends but you can't do much with it when you're flying solo.

Edited by Procopius
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If youre patient, just practice races solo, you actually get money for those. And the longer it takes you to cross the finish line the more money you get, because logic. I do Learning Curve mainly, but thats mostly because I like it, it doesnt give the best cash-per-distance.


As for missions, I generally alternate between these...


-Violent duct, you have to take out a bunch of bikers, steal their cocainum and take it to a guy. It only rewards 5 to 8 grand (again, depending on how long you take) but the shootout is quick and easy, and the delivery point is two blocks away. Can take less than a minute to complete if you have a bulletproof Kuruma.


-The Los Santos Connection, pretty hard solo if you dont have an Armored Kuruma, and time consuming either way since you have to clear out a lot of enemies so you can hack the laptop without anybody watching your back. But if you have at least one person with you with half-decent skills, its a breeze. Either way, rewards between 18 to 25 grand.


-Rich Men in Richman, rewards between 5 to 8 grand and you basically have to escape the cops and deliver two cars accross town. Obviously it takes twice as long to conplete solo (though if youre lucky one of the guards might take the other car and follow you with it while you deliver the other, essentially delivering the second car for you). A decent driver can head for the drop off point right away, and lose the cops just as he reaches the drop off.


-Rooftop Ramble, difficult mission but pretty short considering it rewards between 10 to 15 grand just for clearing out a parking lot.


-Effin Lazers, requires two players but you almost always get 15 grand just for shooting down a bunch of very slow planes while listening to Dangerzone and constantly throwing Top Gun references at your teammate while he be like huh?. Or maybe thats just me, either way its pretty fun and rewarding.


-A Titan of A Job, same as A Los Santos Connection in many ways, also pays well. You get to deliver a Titan to Sandy Shores, and fight with people over the radio, and threaten to crash the plane if they dont knock that sh*t out. Again, maybe just me, but yeah.


-Holed Up - Burton, easy shootout and easy escort, 15 grand. Though you can really just wait out the escort part, since the attackers never actually attack the target, they attack you instead.

Edited by Le Dude
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sell cars, rob stores, do heists, buy shark cards.



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your crew counts on you to buy a valkyrie? even tho you don't have the money.. no offence but that sounds like a douchebag crew.

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If your crew can't help you with getting money for the Valkyrie but expect you to get it, screw that crew.

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Yes, i can earn to $20 000 until $50 000 for a half hour of activities. I think I could earn much more by playing more quickly (I like to take time to play, I prefer playing with consistency).

But i think your wish is a little unrealistic for Saturday (without shark cards unfortunately).

... . Plus the lester and martin jobs also gave like 20k per job.

How long before get the money?
Because I made several missions for Lester as the "diversion" mission (don't know the proper word in english) with a purple circle/zone on the map.
We were two. Me alone on foot (there were 3 chopper above me, blow up, I killed the pilots, I had fifty cops around me, I was alive, I've killed a lot), and the guy with his armored kuruma (which was moving in the zone, very active too) and he was kind enough to pick me up to escape in the end (with 5 stars).

After that, I received the text message from Lester to congratulate me (us), and the money will come soon.
But I've never had anything. This mission took place the day before yesterday.





Edited by Thalyn
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You get $10,000 for staying in the purple circle, immediately when the countdown hits zero.

That is not a mission. it's a bonus.

Call lester on the phone and ask for a mission, to do a mission.

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