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Whats the sell price for property?


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My first, and currently only, property in Online is the Eclipse Tower Apt 3 (500K one). I bought it just caz it was the highest priced property, and did not really look up how its going to look like (especially the view).


I am not really liking it, due to the fact that the view is just facing mounting, and frankly I'm not really a nature person.


Thinking of getting another Apt in Eclipse Tower so that I face the city, which I prefer (and even currently have in real life).


Anyway, I was just wondering whats the sell value when I buy my 4th property to replace 1st one?


And whats the actual Eclipse Tower address that has city view? Maybe both the city AND mountain would be great, but if not, city is fine.

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There might be a decay factor depending on how long you've owned it, but I looked today and it was somewhere between $250,000-$330,000.


Views of most high-end apartments:


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I believe if you go to buy a house, it will bring up a menu that includes all your owned properties asking you if you want to replace your one house or add to your list of 3. On this menu, the sell value of your current apartment will appear.

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Just dont have 3 yet. Only the fist one I ever bought. Trying to figure out good properties to buy, one way down south (near airposrt hopefully), and another one way up north (for runnning around there doing something I suppose).

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