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[PC] Choppy Driving online for myself and friends


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Hey when I play GTA online with friends, whenever they drive the game lag skips for me when im in the car with them and when i drive a vehicle that same thing happens but to their screen. At random times i would crash into a car for their screen but I actually did not crash. Wondering if you guys had any ways to fix this problem. My speed test results are this:http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4344901870

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Your download will not matter, if your friend's upload is sh*tty. However, since it's P2P there's going to be spikes of lag. This has been a problem since day 1.

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Lag spikes happen. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to them. Though in my experience there seems to be a direct correlation between their frequency and the usage of wifi.


My friends internet speed tests over wifi were always close to his 50/50 speed that he pays for. But every time we played together he would lag all over the place. Occasionally he would randomly drop from games. He lives in an apartment building where one would assume dozens if not hundreds of devices are using the 2.4 and 5 ghz frequencies. Most likely causing tons of interference. He bought a wire and now never has problems


The situation you described with the car crashing on one persons screen but not the other, then it lags and catches up. I have seen this as a passenger in a car many times. EVERY time it happens I ask the driver of the car if they are using wifi and almost every time they answer "yeah. Why?"


Not saying this is your problem but it is as least something worth checking. Ask the people you play with regularly if they are using a cable or wifi. Also check with them to see if thier networkd are configured properly


It seems where most games can get by on less than perfect connections or settings, GTA can not.

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Stick to invite only session with your friends, and avoid randoms in missions/heist. This should sort out most of the rubber banding issue, provided you or your friends don't have absolute crap connection. It's just the nature of the p2p connection, and the fact matchmaking is crap and don't prioritize connection enough.

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Yup happens to me too, on my screen the driver crashes into a wall and we're sat stationary for about 20 seconds, then all of a sudden we warp half way up the street driving along and the car isn't damaged.


Happens with choppers too, someone will be piloting and all of a sudden we come crashing to the ground and sit there for a while, then again it warps us back up in the air like nothing happened.


This is XB1 btw.

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