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XBOX 360 Car Meet 9:00pm Mountain Time


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Alright long time no posts :3

I've got a meet planned for around 6 or so Eastern Standard

The Theme is your car has to be painted in a DC Comic Hero or Villian, Joker, Batman, Flash, etc.

We will meet in a parking lot across from the Railyard Survival


Hope to see some fellow crewmembers.

Lets try and get Sufficient Boost CC back, Mssg Tomboy869 for invite.

Edited by Tomboy869
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  • 4 weeks later...

Hey guys

I've really busy so I haven't been able to host a meet lately but hopefully that will change very soon!

But to start preparation I will be doing some heists and missions tonight starting RIGHT NOW!!


I'm only on Xbox 360 so if you would like boat loads of money send me a message!!

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  • 2 months later...

After being on Rockstar Newswire I think it's appropriate to kick this off again.


I'm having a car meet on xBox 1 on Sunday at 7 pm Eastern time after a real life car show and I will be streaming on my new channel.


If you want to be in it, post up here and I'll send out invites!


Remember, our meets are not standing on cars and they are streamed. We're going to have a couple of things put together and it will end with a race series!

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i wish i could help out, but my gold ran out. i shall return on XB1, in November!

Edited by agentRangerXD
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glad to hear from everyone! i lost hope in sufficient boost. i hate to say that but we just vanished but now we are back baby!

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What time tonight for the 360 meet and who shall I add to join


It's 7 pm Eastern. You can join the crew which gets you an automatic invite or let me know your username and we can give you a regular invite.

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Gt: Black Sn0w62

I have almost an entire garage dedicated to JDM. Definitely invite to meet and crew if possible. Im on fairly often

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0_0.jpgBlack Snow takes the car show event with his dropped Coquette.




J4Z and SkillMajor took 1st and 2nd respectively in the drags.

J4Z would later show his skills in drifting and take that event as well.



I want to thank everyone that came out!


One of the best first night meets I've had and I want to congratulate everyone that attended.


Unfortunatley one person had to ruin the otherwise spotless first night crew starts. RealThug who is now on probation for shooting another player and myself after we completed the meet.


Remember guys, no ramming and no shooting each other if you want to be a member of the crew or the events. I appreciate it.

Can I get an invite? RDNK x YEEYEE


Sorry, it'll be next Wednesday night for you.

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