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Deadliest Grand Theft Auto Gangs Tourney! Who is DEADLIEST!?

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i will. and i hope this is allowed but i have been dying to see this match up.



merryweather security vs cracha preto from max payne 3.



since the merryweather security division in america was forced to leave they decided to go to brazil and help the favelas and clean up those gangs. they wanted to team up with the cracha preto. it worked out pretty good in the beggining but the cracha preto started losing numbers and they blamed merryweather. merryweather tried to calm them down but they were so mad they did not care so they started shooting at each other eventually the fighting stopped and both sides wanted vengance so the war was on. who wins?

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Paramilitary Organisation vs. A Brazillian Street Gang?



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merryweather 3

cracha preto 0


also cracha preto was not just a street gang it was a paramilitary similar to merryweather. they had high end gear as well if you played max payne 3 passoss even comments how they have such high end stuff. so they are not just a street gang. you might be thinking about cammando sombra.

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Paramilitary Organisation vs. A Brazillian Street Gang?




They were NOT a street gang, but a cartel or almost a paramilitary.


But I have to go with Merryweather only because they have better equipment and vast resources.

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The Cracha Preto were pretty much destroyed in 2012 and Merryweather only left USA in 2013. So even if the Cracha Preto started rebuilding, it would be a pretty hard time for them to get weapons and equipment as they might have lost all their connections after their downfall. Merryweather can just ship military-grade bombs and weapons and can also get local help.

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I gotta say Merryweather as well. They're much bigger and have connections throughout the entire world, while the Cracha Preto are in São Paulo only. The only advantage the CP have is that they have close ties to law enforcers, but that isn't gonna make a huge difference in a war against Merryweather.

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Story context would be nice ;)

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Ok real quick ... "A diffrent one"



Yakuza + Claude VS Triads + CJ



"Long since i signed in" And haven´t really time to do a story. Just for fun if anybody wants to reply. Lol



No GSF involved "And Claude is kinda "friends" with Yakuza for the money i guess.

Edited by Phil Collin
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