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Deadliest Grand Theft Auto Gangs Tourney! Who is DEADLIEST!?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'll do it.


Spanish Lords






Yardies (HD)





Location: Broker & Dukes



The Yardies stepped onto Lords turf to continue their trade of cocaine. This upset the Lords, who have been on good terms for a while. Eventually, after weeks of refusal, the Lords take revenge by doing a driveby near the cafe in Beechwood City. After some more attacks from both sides of the conflict, an all out war breaks out between the two on the streets of Dukes and Broker.


Who will win?

Edited by svanderman
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It is easy to say. Yardies will win. Beeing associated with Niko who is a close friend of Lj (also natural born killer). They have a badman who shoots them like little ducks. They will pulverize those punks for sure!

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Location: Little Bay, Bohan - La Puerta, Los Santos

Story: The Armenian Mob attempts to extent an Arms-Racketeering business over to the East Coast, starting in the neighbourhood of Little Bay in Bohan. Immediately getting resistance from the Albanians, the Armenians go on the full attack and position themselves for full on war. Meanwhile, the Albanian Mob sends an incognito group into Los Santos - who seize an unclaimed area around Roger's Salvage and Scrap - the Armenian Mafia's main stronghold.
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Well its hard. Armenian is more of a mafia but smaller!? Got connections with Simeon , But weren't in any missions in story i think and less well armed, maybe richer but Albanian mob's are ruthless IRL.. Lol

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Pretty clear Albanians win.

Los Santos Triads





The Families



Background: What is left of the Triads have connected the Families to the killing of dozens of their members (when Franklin helped Michael escape after being captured by the Triads) and plan to launch an attack on several Families gangs, the Triads probably have a significantly less amount of people in comparison to the Families, however they're smart tacticians and can easily launch ambushes and other surprise attacks on the Families.

Wouldn't let use [img/img] to link the pictures, sorry.

Edited by MikeMyth
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The Triads are in another league, but The Families can get a lot more serious than they act like, given that one mission with Stretch and Lamar. I think the Triads would do a lot of damage to the front line, but the senior members would flick them off like gnats easily. (+1 The Families.)


(P.S. The images have to end in .jpg, .png, etc. Just remove the part from /revision/ until the end. So



would work.)

Edited by Masketta Man
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I think the triads would win,they seem to be a very serious organisation that is involved in an illegal trade of military grade weapons.The Families in HD universe are not nearly as powerful as in 3D universe,they are just a regular street gang now.

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