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Deadliest Grand Theft Auto Gangs Tourney! Who is DEADLIEST!?

Recommended Posts
















Location-Los Santos



Story:An all out war starts between Families and Ballas.All sets of each gang in Los Santos (both versions combined) unite to fight against their main rivals.Who will win?

Edited by LeopardGecko
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Families. Since they have the aid of three protagonists (3D Grove Street Families, and HD Families), and the Ballas are a weaker gang in both universes(they were strong at one point in the 3d verse, but the time period isn't specified), so the Families.

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The 3D Families were much stronger than the Ballas. The HD Ballas are just a bit stronger than the Families. Families it is.


F - 2

B - 1

Edited by svanderman
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Claptrap NL

Wait! The Ballas got Cube and the Families got Eazy? Damn...


Eazy can't do much because he's death, so Ballas.

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Gotta go with the Families for sure. They held through with strength and power.


Families - 4

Ballas - 2

Edited by Android
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Ballas..... they wear purple.

And they're more of a gang than the Families are in V

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B Dawg

I hope it's The Lost MC vs Luis's crew.

A whole biker gang vs a bouncer and two idiots. That's a no brainer.

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The Triads

3D: LC Triads, SF Triads

HD: LC Triads, LS Triads




The Italian mafia

3D: Leones, Forellis, Sindaccos

HD: Five Families/The Comission


Location: 3D Liberty City


Story: The Triads' influence started growing in both universes after Huang Lee ended the Triads' civil war. The Italian mafia didn't like this. Giovamni Ancelotti called Salvatore Leone and arranged a meeting. All Italian Dons were present at this meeting. Wei Cheng saw this as an opportunity to finish the Italian families once and for all. Wu Zi Mu sent some men to accompany Cheng. A lot of gangsters died on both sides, that evening. It was the start of a war.


Who wins?


Sorry for the sh*t story, it was longer, but then it disappeared and I had to start over.

Edited by svanderman
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