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Deadliest Grand Theft Auto Gangs Tourney! Who is DEADLIEST!?

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really? you think tommy can handle the rest of the vice city gangs just because he is an protagonist? the only reason why he could be good is because he is a protagonist. same goes for every other protagonist. he would be just another Bad AI character if not that.

Edited by RandomStunt
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It's 6-5 now! What will the next vote be for... let's hope for a 6-6!

Vote then. Like I said stop posting stupid unecessary stuff and just vote

Edited by Phoenix_Poop
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It's 6-5 now! What will the next vote be for... let's hope for a 6-6!

Vote then. Like I said stop posting stupid unecessary stuff and just vote


I can't vote twice... so just wait for another vote.

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Anti Vercetti


fite me

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3D Mafia (Leone,Forelli and Sindacco crime families,Vercetti gang and Sicilian mafia)










HD Mafia (Gambetti,Pavano,Messina,Lupisella,Ancelotti and Pegorino crime families and Bonelli mob)








Location-worldwide (mostly in the US)




Story:All the mafia families in GTA universe form a large comission.At first it´s all well,but after a while some of the mob leaders wish to unite the comission into one huge gang which they would rule.The most prominent mobs are Leone and Gambetti mob.Since they have a common goal,they start seeing each other as rivals and realize that a war is waiting to happen,so they start gathering allies.Leones get all the mobs from 3D games to join them,while Gambettis get all the HD mobs on their side.The war starts with huge alliences fighting to dominate the world of Italian mafia.Who will win?

Edited by LeopardGecko
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Good one. I'm gonna say the 3D mafia. The HD's are better connected, but the 3D's have better weaponry that can make a difference. Also, the 3D's territories include Vice City while the HD's is just Liberty City.

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hd because they just seem much more powerful. and thats not fair because there have only been 2 games in the hd universe so we dont know were all the commisions turf is. and the gambettis have some contacts in hd san andreas because of sammy bottinos daughter is there.

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Nice ... Mmm could do one like mafia vs street gang yes i know mafia are more powerful but this is GTA it could be in GTA SA 90´s. Or like some VC gangs vs SA.. but i´ll vote tomorrow gonna sleep..

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HD Mafia, way better.

I don't think you've estimated the power of their organisation.


Realistically the 3D mob are deader than a doorknob.

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