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ps4 roleplay session


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Add vondon2012 to get in and put what your PSN and what u wanna be in the comments below thanks and happy playing

Edited by vondon2012
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PSN - el-gaddafii

Streetname - el chapo

Profession - Cartel boss

el chapo migrated from south of the border a few years back to drop the heat back home. He quickly settled in to Los Santos making friends with powerful people like Martin Madrazo and they clicked instantly maybe it was because they were both from mexico, maybe it was because they both knew what it felt like to have power and people working for you or maybe it was because they were both money orientated individuals who were always in search of their next big check. Whatever it was Madrazo liked him and soon started to give him work.


After making a name for himself el chapo got contacted by a man named Lester Crest who advised him of future job opportunities that payed well he had for men of his calibre, ofcourse el chapo was excited as he was gettin peanuts for being Mr. Madrazo's errand boy, something he didnt like as he was used to being the boss back home. Soon enough el chapo started to get a crew together comprised mostly of close friends who had also migrated to LS to escape heat back in Mexico. After getting a foothold in The city La coya gaddafii went on a rampage quickly taking out any competition which stood in their way including local law enforcement. El chapo and his crew were notorious armed robbers and this is how they made the bulk of their cash whilst also pulling odd jobs for Gerald the local hood rat such as sticking up small time dealers for their product, it wasn't much but it was something.


Over a year later and el chapo got the call he'd been waiting on, Lester Crest with details of a 2 man bank job, he quickly jumped at the opportunity. After impressing Lester with his first bank job el chapo was well on his way to top of the criminal underworld of Los Santos.


^ had to cut it short I think i got a little too into it.. haha

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That's fine man I just accepted your request going to host tonight ok

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