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Be Honest, how long before you did a rampage? :P


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How long into the game were you playing until you said screw it and went bananash*t just went to town in chaos. Me? when I got a halfway decent weapon.

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like the trevor mission rampage or just kill, kill, kill until the cops kill you?

Mission I did when it was avaliable
rampage I havent done. Thats what online is for hydra-insurgent-tank-insurgent-hydra and repeat

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Not a rampage, just kil kill for fun until you got wasted.

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Rampage mission? Done it almost as soon as it was available, but never followd up on it, and only done it once.


Freeroam rampage? Haven't done it as I moved onto Online, before I was bored enough or felt the need for more content. So unless I am bored with Online, and have no other games to play, its not going to happen.


I did rampage in GTA4 for an odd reason. I wasn't aware of the region lock in early games for other islands, and I just went there. I ended up destroying most of the city before I realized I had to go back to the available island and resprayed my car to get away.

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Oh GTA 4 sucked the fun out of everything. Then harrassed you with bowling. :p

Edited by Ratsorizzo
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I don't think I did a rampage in story mode until I finished it, just want to experience the story again.


Online is a different story. The moment I rob a store or something leads to a cross state chase with a lot of sticky bombs, Buzzards, and gunfire. The first one was probably an hour into Online, on my returned character.

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Speaking of rampage, I just did a rampage in Online after getting second place in a race due to some BS. :lol:

Edited by RedIndianRobin
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Maybe 10 minutes in, then an hour later, then once I picked up a carbine, then once they let me play as Trevor, then everything went fuzzy.

Just had one about 5 minutes ago too. Ahhh the memories...




Edited by FlacidJack
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I didn't bother committing any crimes after the first couple missions and I just explored and took a look at the sight and graphics. So, a couple hours later I opened fire on hikers all over Mount Chilliad. It was a lot of fun.

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If this counts, then I have done rampage in Online.


I joined Gerald mission to raise Strength Stat by punching people. A LOT of them.

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After I got the minigun... I broke Vinewood.

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Have never rampaged, probably too old for it, but I've started to drive over people on the beach, for some reason it's fun, I don't find it amusing like it's realistic, it's the physics engine that makes it feel so good, like bowling :p.

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Whenever some low level pleb runs me over online. I grab my tank..... yeah good times :D

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I never went into a rampage in story mode (excluding Trevor's missions), but I do go on rampages in Director Mode. Any weapons unlocked in the story will be there, plus you can tweak the settings to have 5 stars or full invincibility, explosive ammo and many more. :p

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I killed over 100 cops in one session in online free mode Before biting the dust.

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