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Oculus rift VR kit consumer release date


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  • 2 months later...

The HTC Vive launches this year though. That's the first real consumer-grade VR HMD for the PC, if we disregard the ones with low FOV that existed before the Oculus Kickstarter.

VR is an exciting thing, and I look forward to the day we can play MMO's in Virtual Reality. It'll be glorious to play a GTA online game with real VR support.

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But it's made by a failing mobile company, so probably won't ever actually come to fruition.

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But it's made by a failing mobile company, so probably won't ever actually come to fruition.

Must not have been keeping up with the news.


Facebook bought out Oculus last year for $2bil. This year, a few NFL teams bought some systems to help develop their players; mainly quarterbacks.


So there's definitely a lot of uses for VR other than just video games. It'll come to 'fruition,' just how big will it impact the video game industry is another question.

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The Vive is backed by Valve as well though, who...have a lot of money and talent to throw about, so I wouldn't say it's not going to end up anywhere - not at the moment, anyway.


The problem that VR will have is game support for how expensive the kit will be - if it can get to the level where a few mainstream games have VR support (even like how Alien Isolation did it) then it should hopefully have some longevity among gamers. Still, it'll be hard to tell until some time after release.

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But it's made by a failing mobile company, so probably won't ever actually come to fruition.

Must not have been keeping up with the news.Try reading the post before mine. I was referring to the HTC VR kit.
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  • 5 months later...
Gareth Alan Willmer



Wont be paying that much no way. And you might want to look at the specs required to run this on your pc.



The system requirements were published on the Oculus website. The recommended settings for using the Rift are as follows:
NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output
2x USB 3.0 ports
Windows 7 SP1 or newer

Edited by Gareth Alan Willmer
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Well my PC more than meet those requirements, I hope my 780 manages though. Probably wont get it, and am hopeful the damn thing gets a big price cut within the year.


also shipping aint even free man wut da fuq

Edited by CrysisAverted
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I haven't watched the video (because they're annoying and getting stuff wrong) so apologies if these things were touched on there, but although it's a very high price point, it makes sense considering what they're offering. Yes it's more expensive than getting a console and TV, yes the minimum specs required to use it properly are high and also expensive, but it's the first generation of its tech and those are always expensive, what with being able to manufacture cheaper over time and other initial costs.


It's important to note what they're actually offering - a small 90Hz 2160x1200 screen with low persistence, specially-crafted quality lenses, a fully fledged sub-millimetre tracking system, headphones/mic and bundled with some games and an xbox one controller. Combine that with being the first-generation consumer version as mentioned above and the price point of $400 people seemed to be expecting looks a bit ridiculous.


However, I think it's worth seeing how the Vive is in terms of specs and price point so that we have something to compare it to; there's also the point that the rift doesn't come with touch controllers, probably because they'd bump the price up even more - although I'm worried that'll have the same effect as the kinect where no-once develops games for it due to a lack of user base despite it being a great form of input. Hopefully the vive does come with controllers, because I'd hate to see a trend of VR games being developed with solely a controller in mind.

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I'm waiting for Vive, something tells me it has a better chance of not sucking. Either way, I'll probably wait a year or two to "adopt" this tech, if it takes off.

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  • 2 weeks later...

For consumers' sake I hope the Oculus Rift drops like a lead balloon. We don't need another market segment where Facebook writes the rules.

  • Like 2
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I'd also hope for general VR's sake that Oculus doesn't have an effective monopoly, Facebook or not :p


Unfortunately at the moment the only other contender is the HTC Vive which, while it will be releasing soon this year, has generally been billed as a more "premium" device, so will likely be more expensive than the rift...which is funny, because when Oculus announced their prices, loads of people said "lol f*ck this I'm getting a vive" because apparently the vive is going to be $400 or whatever they've thought of in their dream land.


Seems that the third most known one at the moment is PSVR, which isn't good because, well, it's only for PS. That's if they can pull it off, of course, considering how not-powerful the PS4 is and the specs required for VR.

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PSVR will literally destroy this over priced sh*t. You don't just go all out and make a powerful virtual reality gaming system that will be unaffordable for most people especially when it's the first time, it's a sh*tty business move. Hence why PS is trying to do it at an cheap/affordable price but also make sure the system performs at a quality standard. If it flops, then they haven't lost much, and it isn't as embarassing. Trial and error and that.

Edited by MyName'sJeff
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As per my second comment in this thread, it's not overpriced - people were fairly delusional for thinking it'd be at the $300 price point, specifically because it's the first iteration of the consumer product. All tech is really expensive when it's first released, then if it gains tractions is able to become cheaper.


Also PSVR isn't going to be cheap because like I said the PS4 is below the minimum specs required for usable VR, so they're having to throw more tech into the headset to make up for it, which will only make it more expensive, if they're able to release a workable version at all.


At this moment in time it's basically impossible to have a quality experience in VR that isn't going to be more in the enthusiast price range. VR isn't going to be available for everyone in the present moment, and that's okay.


Also, PSVR won't dent the general VR market much because it's PS4 exclusive, whereas all the VR fun is happening on PC.

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I'm not pre ordering this, but I'm definitely keeping my eye on it and will have to see what games launch with it and everything to make a definitive decision on whether or not to buy it. I'd really like to somehow try a demo of it when it's released. I wonder if BestBuy or similar stores would offer that?


Doing the same with PS VR. I really think this is a great idea and would be absolutely fantastic for first person adventure and horror games and maybe even others than don't seem like they would fit. I heard there was some kind of strategy game(forgot the name) being made for VR and it was pretty good. Can't imagine how, but that's why I'd like to get my hands on it and try it out.


Also, how do you people determine that it is overpriced?

Are you in the company? Do you know how much it costs for them to develop these things? These look like high quality machines and they are very clearly luxury gaming items. In the same way a top-notch graphics card is. I have nothing else to compare it to and from what I've gathered, they seem like they're priced accordingly. If it's worth it to you is a completely different story. That's subjective and for me, it's about the games, period.

Edited by CReaper210
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  • 1 month later...


Apparently the Vive will cost $799, or $200 more than the rift. No more info than that at the moment, since it came from a website that broken the embargo that was in place - should get official stuff soon, including other prices and specs.

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  • 1 month later...

Just read an article on VR testing by game designers,sadly if you were expecting to play fast paced games like GTA or FP shooters,you will be disappointed,testers say you will end up throwing up due to nausea.The sets are only suitable for Flying simulators or similar slow paced activity,and generally will be good for watching concerts and films rather than gaming as we know it.I hope this is not true but this came from a high level gaming house.

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Nah that's pretty much the stuff you can do at the moment, this is because forced movement (i.e. movement that isn't made by the user's head) is pretty jarring - it's more or less okay when there's a constant thing to look at in front of your face like a cockpit, which is why driving vehicles work great with VR, but otherwise it has to be really limited. This is why the current experiences where you're just a person standing around have you teleport instead of move like you would in a video game.


Still, movement inputted by the user like with a keyboard or controller is still a lot better than forcibly moving the camera suddenly (e.g. head bobbing or flinching) because you're able to associate the input with the resultant movement, but you still can't really do it for any extended period of time because ultimately your brain is still getting confused.

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