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GPS and swimming related problems


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1st of all I wish to thank you people for helping me solving my language setting problem, it is working fine now.

However, I encountered 2 more problems, this time with GPS and swimming......maybe they are not even bugs, just I am the one who is still unfamiliar of using them right.

The 1st issue is GPS:

When I open the interaction menu, (while driving a car of course), there is a GPS setting in it.

To whatever place/location I set the GPS, the moment I close the interaction menu it 'forgets" the setting, and doesn't function at all when I continue driving.

The next time I open the interaction menu to check this, I can see that it is set to "none" again, as if I did nothing with it at all.


The second issue is swimming.

Not the "normal", intentional swimming, when I jump/walk/run into water in order to swim, but when I fall with a vechicle (car/bike) into it.

Then I normally exit the vechicle, and appear underwater, trying to swim.

The forward/backward/left/right movement commands are working fine, so I can swim into those directions, but I am unable to move UPWARDS to the surface, so I drown each time this happens.

Which are the controls for moving up/down in/under water? Couldn't see them specified in the keyboard configuration......

Edited by Caccio72
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I can't think of anything at the moment with the GPS, but I think for swimming you're meant to look up to go up.


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I can't think of anything at the moment with the GPS, but I think for swimming you're meant to look up to go up.

I see....so I am supposed to use the "move forward" key combined with the look up command!

Thanks, will try it out next time I take an "unwanted bath"....LOL!

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