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i3 4170 + 970 vs i5 4590 + 960?

Crimson Flam3s

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Crimson Flam3s

Which configuration would be better for V? I know this game is cpu heavy but that i3 is pretty beast or would it bottleneck the 970 and you would get better settings with the i5/960 combo?



edit: the processor is an i3 4370, not 4170.

Edited by Crimson Flam3s
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Well, can't really say how the first one would perform but I have 4590/960 with 8 GB or RAM and I have everything on highest settings except for MSAA and it runs constant 60.


At first I kept textures on normal since putting them on high went above 2 GB video memory, but thanks to comments of this forum that assured me there would be no problems I disabled the limits, put them on high and no problems or change in framerate whatsoever.

Edited by Dope_0110
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You may be better off with the i5. Having an i3, or any dual-core processor for that matter, is the bare minimum today. I'd go with the i5 + 960 build over the i3 + 970, it just seems like having a quad-core processor is a better deal in my opinion.


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Definitely the second build, the i3 would be a bit of a bottleneck.

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I have a 4690k and a 4gb 960 and I run the game with max textures with various other high settings with no msaa 60 fps.

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Crimson Flam3s

Thanks for the replies, and yeah my build has the 960 and 4590, bought yesterday but in some tests I have seen on youtube, people do just fine with an i3 which is why I was thinking using the money on a 970 could be better.


The i3 4170 costs $99, i3 4370 is $150 and i5 4590 is $170 for reference. Maybe sticking with the i5 will be better in the long run.


Current setup is pretty beast though, can even do 4k/solid 30fps on mix of med/high settings.

Edited by Crimson Flam3s
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