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Would you sacrifice your GTA:O for modding experience?

What experience would you prefer?  

149 members have voted

  1. 1. GTA:O or GTA 5 with Mods?

    • GTA: Online
    • GTA 5 with mods.

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i use my ps3 for the online experience, and pc for moddin fun. honestly mods jsut add so much more to the game, i used to play the sh*t outta gta:o but now hardly even play gta on my ps3

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Well personaly i really enjoyed the online

I mean the the heist are really excellent ( and playing with good friends ) somes activity are very cool too.

Sure i would have hoped to more activity to do in the world like you can do in altis life or something, and really have the "feeling" of "living" in the GTA 5 maps, but that's fine i spend hundred hours on it and i dont regret it.

And its cool to have his own character ( even if saddly female look more like dude than actual female.. >< )


but the solo with all mod is awesome. And no doubt after some time many mod are going to be totaly essential. So if i have to really really choose, sure the solo + mod is better.

Edited by wootwoots

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theres some mods you can you use to change your model in SP, chicks actually look like chicks there lol

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GTA 5 was quite a mispurchase for me.

It sux, storyline is very meager, cars drive at child speeds, Online experience was (for me) absolute misery due to griefers, SP is only 1/4th the game (Jailbreak/High Life is blocked in SP) despite I payed for a full game...
No, TBH, the only good thing about GTA 5 is the modding society....

To me, that is.

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I know it's an older thread, but without a doubt the entire reason I play gta is for SP. Online is for trolls and underage kids with mental/anger/both issues.

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I'd rather play my own way with mods in SP than by Rockstar's clueless setup in Online.

Edited by ATP2555

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