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The Multilevel Marketing Roast (Roasting Legalized Pyramid Schemes)


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These people call themselves "independent business owners." Granted, yes, they make money from people under them, but overall, they're not contributing much value to the world. They lure people in by posting pictures of themselves in front of Lamborghinis and sitting inside Feraris. They make videos of themselves on vacation at pleasant places. In reality, it's all just deception. They're not truly living the lifestyle they claim to carry out, and those expensive cars are rentals. It's considered legal because they're indeed selling products, but selling products is often not the main goal of these schemes. That's merely the image they market toward the public. When you say you're interested in joining them, though, they don't even speak of the products much. They simply tell you about getting people into the pyramid so you can make money from the people you bring in. These people claim they want to help people find financial freedom, but that's all pretentious because their real goal is to make money off you.


Overall, it's a very shady excuse of a business practice. It's also unethical because these people are completely unconcerned about those who lose money by joining. They don't care about the people at the bottom of the pyramid, the people who are losing money at the expense of the people gaining money. There's a holier-than-thou, elitist attitude among these folks. They don't seem to care about much other than money, and it's difficult to get a decent, warm conversation going with them. The conversations feel shallow, and I can tell they don't care about me. Every topic I bring up gets deferred, and the conversation goes back to the so-called "business."


Their strategy to lure people in seems to pretend to be nice and caring to you, asking you to hang out, pretending to be your friend, asking you if you'd be interested in making more than the amount of money you'd make from a typical part-time job college students have, and avoiding answering your questions until you go to one of these meetings. They won't even tell you the name of the spot or the address. This one guy tried to lure me in by doing just that. He said he and his friend could pick me up to go to the spot for the meeting. When I told him I'd prefer to drive there on my own, he said it would be better for me to get picked up by them. He was clearly trying to avoid giving me the address so I wouldn't look it up online and find out the name of the company. It's a shady technique, and these companies are never straightforward. They use deceit to lure in people.


As a disclaimer, though, not all of the people part of these things are like this. Some of them simply just got tricked and manipulated. Some of them are naive college students who want some income to fend for themselves and think they can make more money from this than a part-time retail job. That's the unfortunate part, as it seems as though many of these college students neglect their studies and prioritize these schemes more than all else.


These schemes work for very few people, but won't work for most people who join. The official statistics for WakeUpNow, one of those multilevel marketing companies, say it all. All of this just promotes selfishness, greed, and superficiality. It doesn't contribute much that's positive to society, but I guess it does help in making the competition for my job search in the future less intense.

Edited by tokyocean
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Nice rant.


We have a "grumpy old forumers" thread for ranting in though.

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