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Hellraisers MC - Recruiting [XBOX ONE & XBOX 360]


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Hellraisers MC Vinewood: just a club of righteous, motorcycle enthusiastic brothers in a godforsaken city of plastic and fakeness. It all started out as an ideal: two fellow bikers who were fed up with the system and needed a significant change in their criminal careers. After facing a considerable amount of challenges and bloody disputes within the underworld of Los Santos, xLAMBERT and MAH92NL felt it was their rightful duty to provide a fresh wind to the MC world. Back to basics: a club that is about brotherhood and having a kick-ass time together. Business will always be business, but this club relies on loyalty, respect, friendship and fun in order to survive.

After the club had found a clubhouse in the downtown area of Vinewood, the founding brothers started their search for valuable recruits and like-minded brothers. This process is still ongoing to this date. The club only selects those who they deem capable of bringing absolute hell to the city of Vinewood and its surrounding areas. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Hellraiser?
We are international. We have members from:


Vinewood Charter:
SECRETARY - TeenageWerner
TREASURER - Position available
Grand Senora Charter:
President - Under Negotiation
VICE PRESIDENT - Position available
SGT AT ARMS - Position available

ROAD CAPTAIN - position available

SECRETARY - Poisition available

TREASURER - Position available

Vinewood Charter (XB360) - http://socialclub.ro.../mc_hellraisers
Grand Senora Charter (XB1) - http://socialclub.ro..._hellraisers_gs
Grand Senora Prospects - http://socialclub.ro...aisers_gs_prosp
(Recently just opened - positions available in Hierarchy.)
Here at Hellraisers MC we are quite chilled out. You will not be treated like sh*t whilst you are in your prospect period. You are considered a future brother and therefore get a fraction of our respect. However, you must remember that you are still only a prospect and what is said by the officers, goes. That's final.
Avoid internal fights and bullsh*t at all costs. We are a club of brothers and will settle any disputes like adults. We are in it for the fun, so let's just keep it that way!
You must have you Social Club profile visible, so that we can see your statistics.
There is no limit of time for your prospecting period. You will earn you patch when you are deemed trustworthy towards the club - Before you are patched you will be required to undertake a road test (carried out by the Road Captain) and an arms test which will be carried out by the Sgt. At Arms.
There is no specific, strict rule regarding age. If you are mature enough and loyal, you shall be accepted. You must have at least a mic or KIK for contact purposes for updates and changes in the club.
President Social Club (XB360) - http://socialclub.ro...er/jimmylambert
Vice President Social Club (XB360) - http://socialclub.ro.../member/mah92nl
Vinewood Charter (XB360) - http://socialclub.ro.../mc_hellraisers
Grand Senora Charter (XB1) - http://socialclub.ro..._hellraisers_gs
Grand Senora Prospects - http://socialclub.ro...aisers_gs_prosp
If you would like to apply to be a part of Hellraisers MC then please fill out the form below and either reply to the thread or message myself personally:
Social Club Username/ID:
Applying for (360/XB1):
KIK: y/n
MIC: y/n
Experience within GTA Online:
A little about yourself:


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