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Mc Patch Help


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hello, ace here, I need help with my mc patch. I started it up a ltitle but can't finish it not good at photoshop and all.. here's what I've done .http://imgur.com/GlwOH7c.

Top Rocker: Sons Of Mayhem

Bottoman Rocker: California

1% and mc patch on right and left stay as is

Font : Carnivalee Freakshow, font from sons of anarchy

Image: one thts shown, if anyone can make the image bigger to make it fit perfect and erase the lines in the back of the skull image.. I would like the colors to be as is on the patch black and white everything g same.. also if I can get 3 versions, one how it looks already and a stitch version as I've seen on this forum site and 1 a mix of both.. please and thank you all.
Also if you cannot get clear image of patch I can send it to you through any ways you would like.. here are the links for separate images. http://imgur.com/v8r4GZS and http://imgur.com/aadVYqR .. Thank you

Edited by CaliforniaAce562
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Also, size : 512 × 512 and I would also like a prospect patch, everything same just no image, no 1% on left no top rocker just bottom rocker with carnivalee freak font saying california and mc on the right.. also the same 3 versions as the original patch.

Edited by CaliforniaAce562
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Really need this done my guys are waiting on the patch

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LoH Will I Am

You'll need to wait 3 days before bumping your topic... Showing that your being inpatient they won't even look at your request let alone fill it... Just an FYI ;)

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Base Rules

When you make a request topic and it is filled, you must wait four days before making another request. If nobody has responded to your request after three days, then you may bump up your topic


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