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24 hours of Downtown Vinewood(360) with pit lane


Recommended Posts


24 hours or 48 min. +1 lap Around this 5.34 mile race track.


With $500,000 going to whoever can prove to be the fastest around this long, technical track that features some gnarly elevation change there should be lots of close racing and lots of battles.


This track also features a pit lane so if you car is wrecked you don't have to hold the Y button n lose over 5 seconds.


This race is based off of GT racing so sports cars only.


There will be a pre race car meet 30 min. Before race time.


Before the 24 hours race we will have a 3 lap sprint so everyone can get used to the track. I will also leave a link to the track so you can practice on your own.


There is no slipstream catch up, no shooting or throwing mines (this race is in Gta mode to use pit lane) driver conduct is required


This will be a rolling start no one can make any passes until after lap 1


Date and time:may 9th 130 pm eastern. *Time may change*


To register please leave your gamertag and car and let's have a great race!


















Edited by fullxthrottle94
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this sounds really awesome im in GT: wanktash

and my car is the comet

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yello cactus

I can't commit until I know the time and date but I like the sound of it.

I'll keep checking back :)

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I can't commit until I know the time and date but I like the sound of it.

I'll keep checking back :)

I hear ya n I don't wanna set a date incase I don't get enough people in the lobby I'll put u up as a reserve for now until I have a date an time

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yello cactus

Okay dokey.

In my (limited) experience people need to have an idea of when it will be. Nothings as bad as having 15 people wanting to do it and once the time and daye is announced half drop out as they cant make it.


I'd better try out some Supers and pick one. :)

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yello cactus

LOL that's what i meant. It's a good job as i dont have any Supers. :)

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