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Silenced Pistols NOT Silenced on Boat


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I rampage a lot in the beach, marina, heli-pad area.


When driving a boat and shooting silenced pistols, you can see they don't have the silencer, and are LOUD. not silenced.

When you get off the boat, not beached, or at a dock, it floats out to sea at like 20Kts.fast. go for a swim or dive an that things a miles away in no time.


Id like to pick my paint on purchased Boats or Heli's. When you buy them theres no color choices, its whatever you get.

or maybe we could paint them, have a lil boat shack on the docks you pull into like Los Santos Customs.


...also boat related:

I bought a slip at the marina an it says it holds 8 boats. that's 7 Purchased Online! boats an only 1 stolen. It will only hold the last boat you stole an put in slip, and 7 more purchased. They're aren't even 8 boats worth buying and none I cant steal. Ill take maybe a speedster, jetmax, jetski, that's about it. They're all readily available in that area anyways.

This is also true of the heli-pad. 1 stolen, the rest have to be purchased.


oh, an when I get out of the water, all my weapons have been reset to default weapon wheel layout, that means the stun-gun is my first choice of pistol, instead of 50 cal or auto-pistol, or whatever I had selected on land to have ready when I select that category.

Edited by 1Fugitive
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