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[PS4] Pedales Bicycle Club looking for members


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Welcome to Pedales
"Submit to the power of two wheels and 0.5 Hp. This is Pedales Bicycle Club"
We at Pedales Bicycle Club would like to invite you to our awesome, newly founded crew.
We are a few friends who have gathered and formed a biker gang themed crew devoted to bicycles. We feel that bicycles are an underestimated vehicle in the GTA universe, and we would like to spread the word of the two-wheeled power-machine that is the ordinary bike.
We have chosen the humble bicycle to revolt against the overly organized, tyrannic and gasoline-consuming biker gangs/crews. Of course we do use other vehicles, but if you desire to join Pedales, you must own/purchase a bicycle and be willing to ride it amongst your fellow Pedales members.
Besides having to own and ride a bicycle, only four other rules apply:
1. Do not EVER destroy bicycles. They are not insured and the mechanic does not deliver them.
2. Dress up! We want to resemble a biker gang, so dress like it!
3. Never shoot crew members!
4. Be mature!
Our goal is to gather as many equally spirited crew members to ride with and have fun.
We do heists, races, perform team death matches and of course the new adversary modes including bicycles!
If you want to join us, and feel that you would meet the requirements listed above, please leave your PSN-ID below or visit our Social Club and sign up!
Pedales Forever, Forever Pedales
Timezone: GMT+1
"Obey-n-Survive" (President)
PSN/Socialclub: Obey-n-Survive
Edited by Obey-n-Survive
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You need a social club link.


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It's there, right above the last picture.



Edited by Obey-n-Survive
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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you all for joining so far!



Edited by Obey-n-Survive
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  • 1 month later...

Thank you and welcome to all new members! :)

Edited by Obey-n-Survive
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