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To the American dudes that I p*ssed off yesterday doing a mission....sorry. I didn't realise I had the dope lol. Oh dear, happens to the best of us I guess :lol:

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Haha! sh*t happens! :p

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It was fricking hilarious! These guys were going off at me and I had no idea I even had picked up the coke lol. I was just randomly walking around thinking "geez it's taking a while for these dudes to deliver the package to Gerald". Then I couldn't understand why they wanted me to go there as well......hahaha. Was pretty funny and they were taking it so seriously. Gave me a good laugh anyway.

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Something similar happened to me as well recently, except everyone was across the map, so I had time to return the package before causing any rage once I realized my error. Unlike the time I ran into a power line pole in my Buzzard and killed myself, as well as stranding the package on top of the pole and out of reach of everyone else...

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Doubt they read the forum.


You should send a message to them with "sorry" xD

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If it says deliver the package then you have it , if it says help deliver the package then someone else has it , simple

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You probably earned more because you took longer,so there is a plus side..

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Reminds me of when I forgot Ana the hooker was following ME and I bailed out of the dudes chopper to try and be funny


No one laughed.

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I didn't actually take that much notice as to see what their usernames were so I couldn't send them a sorry.


And I know that if it says "deliver" the package it means I have it but I was having one of "those" days and didn't actually see that it said for me to "deliver" the package.


Like I said, happens to the best of us sometimes......it was just funny at the time :)

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