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SP is better on LG than NG?


Go to solution Solved by Johan,

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So I just started playing SP through on my XB1, and the only special vehicle I have is the RH8, and none of the CE weapons except the Hatchet have unlocked. I don't have a free hangar and when I buy one there's no DLC stuff in it.


I bought a Carbon RS, but I can't buy a Roosevelt? Where's my Gusenberg? Etc. And I take it even the Kuruma and Insurgent aren't available in SP, let alone the Hydra?


I'm confused. And disappointed.

Edited by Gridl0k
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  • Solution

On the enhanced version of the game, special vehicles (DLC) spawn in traffic.. which is why they're not in your garage. Weapons unlock as you progress through the story, not right off the bat. The hangar was free but looks like they changed it a while ago, probably due to the feedback it received.


Roosevelt can be found in a couple of spots on the enhanced version of the game, one of them is here (down the street from Franklin's house in house #2848) and the other is here at Richards Majestic, parking lot in front of Solomon's office.


Gusenberg is again, by progressing through the story.


Heist vehicles were never made available on SP, both on LG and NG.


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Cutter De Blanc

To add, the Gusenberg doesn't unlock until you've completed all the Story missions. It's the final weapon unlock at Ammunation.

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So I just have to keep checking the websites until everything gets unlocked then... Cheers.


I miss having a massive list of free stuff :(

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