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GFA [PS3] Grand Football Association


Recommended Posts

Welcome to the GFA, a new revolutionary football league on GTAV online, (Yes, i did say football) American football! If you are interested. leave a post in the forums, or friend jadoki5 on psn to join the league.

Looking For Team Owners


Eastern Conference

Liberty City Wrath (None) 0-0-0

San Fierro 69ers (None) 0-0-0

Vice City Mambas (None) 0-0-0

Los Santos Bookworms (None) 0-0-0

Western Conference

Los Santos Pounders (None) 0-0-0

Carcer City Unicorns (None) 0-0-0

San Andreas Magnetics (None) 0-0-0

San Fierro Packers (None) 0-0-0


- 5 Mississippi before QB is sacked.

- A punch equals a tackle.

- The Frag is the ball, only the QB may have the ball.

- Killing a teamate with a "Pass" makes the pass complete

- Killing an enemy makes the pass an interception

- Killing both a teamate and an enemy makes the pass an incomplete.

- To run the ball, you must touch your running back of choice if you choose to use 2 running backs.

- If the ball explodes in midair without killing anyone it will be ruled as incomplete.

- The QB is allowed to run when 5 Miss. is up.

- Remember to use medkits on the sidelines to heal after a posession.

- Punching once for a kill makes the ball a turnover as the player has died and fumbled. (Forgetting to heal)

- Coaches are incharge of their own team's individual practices.

- Coaches decide punishments for inactivity.

- There must be a referee present at a game for it to be a season game.

- There will be 5 players on the field at a time.


1 RB 1 QB 3 WR


1 QB 2 RB 2 WR


2 LB 3 CB


2 LB 2 CB 1 FS

This League is meant to be fun, if you're looking for some action besides killing in GTAV Online for the PS3. Give the GFA a try.

Also support this idea if you think its a good one!

League will start when all teams have an owner and a full roster.

Bump to keep the dream alive!

Edited by Jadoki
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this actually seems fun.


but i'm on xbox 360.

if anyone makes this for the 360 send me a message

GT: Provenkamel

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I was thinking about expanding outwards towards more consoles. yet it would be hard for me to keep up with those as i dont have them.

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