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All the coordinates your ever need that arnt all ready in the trainer


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GTA moders Rejoice i have come to full fill your teleporting fetishes.

remember this does not contain the places already in Native Trainer By Alexander Blade







Strip Club DJ Booth X:126.135 Y:-1278.583 Z:29.270

Blaine County Savings Bank X:-109.299 Y:6464.035 Z:31.627

Police Station X:436.491 Y: -982.172 Z:30.699

Humane Labs Entrance X:3619.749 Y:2742.740 Z:28.690

Burnt FIB Building X:160.868 Y:-745.831 Z:250.063

North Yankton Bank X:5309.519 Y:-5212.375 Z:83.522 IPL needed

10 Car Garage Back Room X:223.193 Y:-967.322 Z:99.000

Humane Labs Tunnel X:3525.495 Y:3705.301 Z:20.992

Ammunation Office X:12.494 Y:-1110.130 Z: 29.797

Ammunation Gun Range X: 22.153 Y:-1072.854 Z:29.797

Trevor's Meth Lab X:1391.773 Y:3608.716 Z:38.942

Pacific Standard Bank Vault X:255.851 Y: 217.030 Z:101.683

Lester's House X:1273.898 Y:-1719.304 Z:54.771

Floyd's Apartment X:-1150.703 Y:-1520.713 Z:10.633

FIB Top Floor X:135.733 Y:-749.216 Z:258.152

IAA Office X:117.220 Y:-620.938 Z:206.047

Pacific Standard Bank X:235.046 Y:216.434 Z:106.287

Fort Zancudo ATC entrance X:-2344.373 Y:3267.498 Z:32.811

Fort Zancudo ATC top floor X:-2358.132 Y:3249.754 Z:101.451

Damaged Hospital X:356.822 Y:-590.151 Z:43.315 IPL needed

Slaughterhouse X:-80.557 Y:6220.006 Z:31.090 IPL needed

Los Santos County Coroner Office/Morgue X:243.351 Y:-1376.014 Z:39.534 IPL needed

Torture Room X: 147.170 Y:-2201.804 Z:4.688

O'neil Ranch X: 2441.216 Y:4968.585 Z:51.707 IPL needed











Main LS Customs X:-365.425 Y:-131.809 Z:37.873

Yacht X:-2023.661 Y:-1038.038 Z:5.577 IPL needed

Carrier (MP Only) X:3069.330 Y:-4704.220 Z:15.043 IPL needed

Fort Zankudo UFO X:2052.000 Y:3237.000 Z:1456.973 IPL needed

Very High Up X:-129.964 Y:8130.873 Z:6705.307

IAA Roof X:134.085 Y:-637.859 Z:262.851

FIB Roof X:150.126 Y:-754.591 Z:262.865

Maze Bank Roof X:-75.015 Y:-818.215 Z:326.176

Top of the Mt Chilad X:450.718 Y:5566.614 Z:806.183

Most Northerly Point X:24.775 Y:7644.102 Z:19.055

Vinewood Bowl Stage X:686.245 Y:577.950 Z:130.461

Sisyphus Theater Stage X:205.316 Y:1167.378 Z:227.005

Director Mod Trailer X:-20.004 Y:-10.889 Z:500.602 Might Not Work

Galileo Observatory Roof X:-438.804 Y:1076.097 Z:352.411

Kortz Center X:-2243.810 Y:264.048 Z:174.615

Chumash Historic Family Pier X:-3426.683 Y:967.738 Z:8.347

Paleto Bay Pier X:-275.522 Y:6635.835 Z:7.425

God's thumb X:-1006.402 Y:6272.383 Z:1.503

Calafia Train Bridge X:-517.869 Y:4425.284 Z:89.795

Altruist Cult Camp X:-1170.841 Y:4926.646 Z:224.295

Maze Bank Arena Roof X:-324.300 Y:-1968.545 Z:67.002

Marlowe Vineyards X:-1868.971 Y:2095.674 Z:139.115

Hippy Camp X:2476.712 Y:3789.645 Z:41.226

Devin Weston's House X:-2639.872 Y:1866.812 Z:160.135

Abandon Mine X:-595.342 Y: 2086.008 Z:131.412

Weed Farm X:2208.777 Y:5578.235 Z:53.735

Stab City X: 126.975 Y:3714.419 Z:46.827

Airplane Graveyard Airplane Tail X:2395.096 Y:3049.616 Z:60.053

Satellite Dish Antenna X:2034.988 Y:2953.105 Z:74.602

Satellite Dishes X: 2062.123 Y:2942.055 Z:47.431

Windmill Top X:2026.677 Y:1842.684 Z:133.313

Sandy Shores Building Site Crane X:1051.209 Y:2280.452 Z:89.727

Rebel Radio X:736.153 Y:2583.143 Z:79.634

Quarry X:2954.196 Y:2783.410 Z:41.004

Palmer-Taylor Power Station Chimney X: 2732.931 Y: 1577.540 Z:83.671

Merryweather Dock X: 486.417 Y:-3339.692 Z:6.070

Cargo Ship X:899.678 Y:-2882.191 Z:19.013

Del Perro Pier X:-1850.127 Y:-1231.751 Z:13.017

Play Boy Mansion X:-1475.234 Y:167.088Z:55.841

Jolene Cranley-Evans Ghost X:3059.620 Y:5564.246 Z:197.091

NOOSE Headquarters X:2535.243 Y:-383.799 Z:92.993

Snowman X: 971.245 Y:-1620.993 Z:30.111

Oriental Theater X:293.089 Y:180.466 Z:104.301

Beach Skatepark X:-1374.881 Y:-1398.835 Z:6.141

Underpass Skatepark X:718.341 Y:-1218.714 Z: 26.014

Casino X:925.329 Y:46.152 Z:80.908

University of San Andreas X:-1696.866 Y:142.747 Z:64.372

La Puerta Freeway Bridge X: -543.932 Y:-2225.543 Z:122.366

Land Act Dam X: 1660.369 Y:-12.013 Z:170.020

Mount Gordo X: 2877.633 Y:5911.078 Z:369.624

Little Seoul X:-889.655 Y:-853.499 Z:20.566

Epsilon Building X:-695.025 Y:82.955 Z:55.855 Z:55.855

The Richman Hotel X:-1330.911 Y:340.871 Z:64.078

Vinewood sign X:711.362 Y:1198.134 Z:348.526

Los Santos Golf Club X:-1336.715 Y:59.051 Z:55.246

Chicken X:-31.010 Y:6316.830 Z:40.083

Little Portola X:-635.463 Y:-242.402 Z:38.175

Pacific Bluffs Country Club X:-3022.222 Y:39.968 Z:13.611

Vinewood Cemetery X:-1659993 Y:-128.399 Z:59.954

Paleto Forest Sawmill Chimney X:-549.467 Y:5308.221 Z:114.146

Mirror Park X:1070.206 Y:-711.958 Z:58.483

Rocket X:1608.698 Y:6438.096 Z:37.637

El Gordo Lighthouse X:3430.155 Y:5174.196 Z:41.280


Mile High Club X:-144.274 Y:-946.813 Z:269.135






Sunken Body X:-3161.078 Y:3001.998 Z:-37.974

Underwater WW2 Tank X:4201.633 Y:3643.821 Z:-39.016

Dead Sea Monster X:-3373.726 Y:504.714 Z:-24.656

Underwater UFO X: 762.426 Y:7380.371 Z:-111.377

Underwater Hatch X: 4273.950 Y: 2975.714 Z:-170.746

Sunken Plane X: -942.350 Y:6608.752 Z:-20.912

Sunken Cargo Ship X:3199.748 Y:-379.018 Z:-22.500

Things I still want to add

Bahama Marmas

Solomon Richards office

​cinema inertia

Diamond Store


if you likey pls check out my other post on what to add/improve to trainers in the future http://gtaforums.com/topic/789849-gta-v-masive-trainer-add-on-concept/?p=1067382196

Edited by PulseR_HD
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